RB&R Day 97: We Feast In The East Every Single Time

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RB&R Day 97

97 plates in the past as we capped off RB&R Day 97 on Monday. Just looking for a little progress each week in life and with this tradition. Tryna Chase Daniel my way by.

Instead of just waking up, getting high and doing nothing before I ate red beans, I jumped on Off The Bench for some spreadlines w/ T-Bob & Hester. Just talking about whatever.

I’d say that is a significant moment in life. Getting a segment on local Louisiana radio from the couch. Times I’ll cherish forever.

From There

I hopped right into tradition.

Been eying this M&J Soul Food spot in New Orleans East. Get ya fucking mind right headed to the East, shit gotta be on a complete swivel. I’m also prepared to give my soul for this tradition. But, good food and good people can never be defeated. I pulled up to M&J and it’s located next to everything you need in life.

Grab a…

  • Pint of liquor
  • Workout
  • Tattoo
  • Tax Form
  • Hot Plate
  • Bundle of Flowers
  • Nail Appointment
  • Kool Cigarette

All in the same little outlet.

Once ya go east, ya go for everything all at once. It’s the only way.

One Fella

Only one person working at M&J and he was prepared to do it all that day. I could just tell right away that this dude had everything under fucking control. It gives ya the optimism that the plate will be fire too.

Sure enough…about 10 mins after ordering.

Lemme tell ya for $12, you cannot beat this love. Maybe not the most seasoned hot plate in the world, but the amount of food you get for that price is actually absurd.

The YAMS baby, the fucking yams and the beans. Delicious long noodled baked mac w/ some corn bread.

Can’t forget the octopus size fried pork chop that I legit thought was a 4 piece fried chicken at first. Gotta pick this mothafucka up with a forklift.

What a beautiful day in the East.

I’m approving this spot.

M&J Soul Food – HTM Approved

Behind The Beans

As per routine, all the footage I didn’t use in the main video always goes in Behind The Beans. Leave no footage stranded, life is too short just put it all on the fucking web.

Twitter Tradition

Forever grateful to the folks who support this tradition. Even though I have to look at people’s plates of food all day every Monday, I still wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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