RB&R Day 98: Have A Nice Time At Ro’s Smokin Jo’s

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RB&R Day 98

Patience being a virtue has never been exemplified more than what it was locally on RB&R Day 98.

Thing about it is, not everything can go ya way every single time and it didn’t two weeks ago when I stopped at Ro’s Smokin’ Jo’s. I’m not about to sit there and throw a fucking fit over it. The woman was a sweet lady, so I told her I would be back for them beans eventually.

Pulled back up on Ro’s w/ a pack of joes ready to blast cigs and hot plates. The same lady was unloading a van full of food and drinks when I shouted:

You got them red beans today?

She looked back at me, took about two seconds to realize who was yelling at her about red beans and then said “OH YEAH COME UH!”

At that point, I knew we were at the right place. Several different types of hot plates you can pick up at Ro’s, but I went with:

  • RB&R
  • BBQ Ribs
  • Cornbread
  • Yaka-Mein (being extra)
  • A can coke

Don’t even remember what was spent, but just know it was community pricing. All fantastic hot food. I’m approving this place for many reasons. You can literally have like six life conversations right outside the front door. Had a fella drinking a Budweiser with a glove on telling me some rather wise shit for like an hour. The people inside are nice and were happy to see they were getting some publicity. Tradition never lets ya down.


Ro’s Smokin’ Jo’s – HTM Approved

As per routine…

Behind The Beans

Another look Behind The Beans.

RB&R Day 100

RB&R Day 100 is vastly approaching and the pressure is mounting for me to live up to folks expectations since the number 100 is involved. I’m here to tell ya, don’t expect me to go grab Mark fucking Wahlberg cause it’s the 100th day of RB&R. What made this tradition great is constantly grabbing the plates, talking shit and sharing it on social media every single Monday.

long ride of evolving

Didn’t matter if a mfer was feeling well, going through some shit, broke up w/ a chick, lost my dog, Saints loss, whatever the absolute fuck the case was…. tradition was gonna be there. Thank you all for being there, no matter when ya hopped on the tradition train.

Jewelry Promo

Go grab ya loved one something nice at Edberg Jewelry. That’s my folks and they have supported me since day one of doing mayo. Beautiful custom made pieces and you can sell/loan ya shit over there too.

Jason is great to deal with.


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