RB&R Day: Cafe Reconcile Gives Tradition A New Meaning

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Tradition makes a stop at Cafe Reconcile for RB&R Day

Tradition never meant so damn much until a few things happened yesterday on RB&R Day at Cafe Reconcile.

Let’s start with the obvious before getting into some did ya know…

  • Tradition a day after the Saints mollywhop any team is always a tremendous vibe.
  • But, tradition a day after after mollywhopping Tom Brady is on the same scale as Disney World vibes.
  • Whatta day to be living inside New Orleans.

RB&R Interruption

Things didn’t go all strawberries and cream from the jump. Had a fella by the name of Tung Nguyen shoot off three locations like he was the Don King of dining experiences.

  • Blue Oak BBQ (too expensive)
  • Giorlando’s Restaurant (closed on Monday)
  • Fete au Fete

Which, for whatever fucked up reason appealed to me. Well, the real reason why FETA AU FETE appealed to me without knowing anything about the place was that it is remotely located at the gorgeous Dixie Beer Factory. This place is like Disney.

Dixie Brewery
Open Thursday-Sunday

Well, as listed above and as disregarded by Tung, Dixie doesn’t open the brewery on tradition day like that. So, how bout that Tung? How bout it. But, regardless mayo was able to meet a great soul that poured me a fresh draft dixie for the struggles.

Whatta fella!

Two Hands.


Didn’t blog last RB&R experience not sure why, but I went to one hell of a facility in Broad & Banks Street Seafood.

Throw these fellas into the mix now and forgive me later for not telling ya. Whatta fucking vibe boys and girls!


Back To #26

From there I hit my boy Mahoney up and asked him what he thought the move should be and he spit out Cafe Reconcile for the RB&R Day traditional victory.

Cafe Reconcile
1631 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.


Cafe Reconcile

This place is a little gem on Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.

That street name is straight fuego…

“1631 Oretha Castle Haley”

Not only is Reconcile serving up some tasty dishes, but they putting the money where their mouth is sort of speak. Transforming the lives of young locals between the ages of 16-24 in several different beneficial ways. Hear me out real quick.

  • Personal Growth
  • Workforce Development
  • Entrepreneurship

As well as building strong communities in New Orleans is the focal point of the entire Cafe Reconcile program.

  • 2000+ graduates
  • 36 employment partners
  • 75+ years of working with youth

Oh, and over 47,532 meals served since Covid.

They charged me $7.95 and that goes to the community essentially. If you don’t stop at this place once before ya leave the earth, ya just aren’t grasping a good deed.


Flavor Speaks…

Don’t get it twisted. For just $7.95 the ole cafe gives ya:

  • Red Beans & Rice
  • Two nice smoked sausage links
  • Garlic bread

The portion is fine, no issues there.

Overall flavor going up against some of these tasty monsters out of the past 25 locations is tough. It’s what kept a place like Verti Marte and Morrow’s outta the top five pots.


RB&R Day: Cafe Reconcile
SpreadQuarters Promo

One incredible experience, but Reconcile doesn’t crack the top ten today on Red Bean Rankings.

You are an asshole if ya don’t try this place though.

Red Bean Rankings

  1. Liuzza’s By The Track
  2. Willie Mae’s Scotch House
  3. Cooter Brown’s Tavern
Cooter Brown’s

Those three above I have not even thought about moving for a very long time. Let that be known.

4. Juniors On Harrison
5. Melba’s

Juniors On Harrison

That top five is staying the same for now. Juniors just got in there two weeks ago and I didn’t eat anything better than Melba’s or Juniors since then. However, this 6-10 though!

6. Frady’s One Stop
7. Broad & Banks Street Seafood

You’ll spend $100 in this place.

8. Cafe 615 “Wabbit’s House”
9. Lakeview Brew (Anita)
10. Sammy’s Food Service

Everyone else awaits the Highly Touted Top 20 list that will release after 30 locations have been traditionalized.

Does ya AC/Heater needs to be repaired and traditionalized by the mayo community AC expert? If the thing ain’t blowing or heating then it does. Sounds like ya need a repair, pal.

Call Expert Air now.


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