RB&R Day: Cooter Brown’s Tavern

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RB&R Day Cooter Brown's

Ole Uncle Cooter Brown’s Tavern on RB&R Day in New Orleans. What a fucking full blown Tim Wakefield this go round on Monday. As soon as the clock struck, it got choppy. Choppy like a chopped cheese bodega in Harlem. Bodegas anyone?

As soon as the day said hello,
Da Parish Weather was relieved…
of his duties with mayo.

RB&R Day Dilemma

Morning came and came pleasantly YAM PACKED and the rent was waiting to get paid like Pinky on Friday. By the time three rolled around, there hadn’t even been a joint selected for the holders. Then it hit me…


Outta nowhere,

Delvin was ready, the city was ready.

Breaux Show,
love my dudes passion.
Brand Breaux, Brand.

Here goes them mayo productions.
I’m tryna live, bruh.

Cooter Brown’s Tavern

Two Hands,
No Camera Man.
Don’t inbox me bout help, yet.

Nah, slap them silly son of a bitches right ova the head if ya eat some of ole Cooter Brown’s red beans and rice on Monday. Copious amounts of flavor. For $14.12 after a one dollar to go tip (I know real humans who don’t tip at all on to-go orders) ya got a heavy little plate of impactful tradition.

  • The most seasoned RB&R I’ve ran into, period.
  • Shreds of ham all in it, GLORIOUS.
  • Sausage & upper scale fried chicken.
  • No Bread or Cornbread.
  • That flavor, hold on..
  • Meat recap,
    • Smoked Sausage
    • Ham Shreds
    • Upper Scale Fried Chicken

All just soaking like its spring break in a sealed, saran wrap to-go box. Roll the tape, I bout had to run out the room.

RB&R Day
Cooter Brown’s Tavern

Excuse me for telling ya when I’m tingly in the face. I fucked with these beans, they gave me life on an overcast afternoon. Most would’ve ran to take a nap, yet I’m still running off that flavor at 2:00 am right now.

  • chest just stopped burning like an hour ago.

I can’t spend $14 another Monday, period.

13 Plates Down

It would be wise to mention the image in my head for the end game. Easy, a full blown mayo classified opinion list.

  • HTM Highly Touted Hot Plates
  • RB&R Edition
  • Top 20 Plates of the RB&R Saga

Not just some asshole that came over and ate red beans in ya living room. I’m flesh on concrete, pal.

Mother’s Tradition.
Corner Burner!

This fella right here been moving on Monday’s, every Monday.

Rank em up, top five till we gotta ride.

Red Bean Rankings

1- Liuzza’s By The Track
*last week position (1)
*leading plate for five weeks
*corner burner alert

Nah, nobody touching these fellas. There is most likely an incredible, yet illegal reason why they are only serving RB&R on Mondays. Them beans have a comfort, flavor, and presentation that can’t be matched thus far. #1 confirmed.

Liuzza’s By The Track
Full Liuzza Promo,
Click Liuzza’s above, asshole.

2- Willie Mae’s Scotch House
*last week position (2)
*runner up plate for five weeks
*corner burner alert

Nothing gonna knock ole Willie Mae off the runner up rocking chair this week. Brown bagged, plastic pint sealed, and full of copious amounts of flavored RB&R. Didn’t even think for a second that 1 & 2 would fall. They didn’t fall, champ.

3- Cooter Brown’s Tavern
*HTM Slap Somebody Award
(Flavor Honor)
*corner burner alert
Well fuck, yeah that just happened. That flavor busted through Lakeview Brew and Sammy’s like a pissed off, hungry set of red bean DEA officers. Cooter, I’d slap ya in the face if I could. What seasoning bombs are y’all blowing up in that chicken? *Not for the mild hearted mild mouths.

4- Melba’s
*last week position (3)
*cares bout cornbread
*corner burner alert

The correct plan is in effect at Melba’s by the Claiborne Bridge. Probably the most sincere looking corner burner, along with Willie Mae’s. This joint just gives me the correct vibe. Cornbread is proper, one of two locations during the journey that has had actual cornbread in the special.

The 10th plate in saga.
RB&R Promo

There Goes My Free Frozen

5- Lakeview Brew
*home of the iconic Anita
*will soon be my actual home if we don’t get plugs.

Anita, ironically just gave me a gift card today for a free plate of RB&R. Luckily for everyone involved, this isn’t a popularity contest. Anita would be cemented as the irreplaceable ring leader. With that said, if you think that I’m out here being biased about the frozen queen’s beans? Go try for ya self and then let me know when ya sorry for being an asshole.

(Hypothetical #6)
Sammy’s Food Service
SIX CATFISH STRIPS with the special.
Never forget as they fall to six.

Rest Of The Bowl

Morrow’s (Uncle Larry’s)
Still my favorite fried chicken, no cap.
That upper scale crunch on outside skin.
Mother’s Restaurant
Can’t go wrong, don’t listen to idiots.
It was as tremendous as usual, if not better.
Please-U-Restaurant (Ask for Adam)
Adam out there on Saint Charles getting it.
Bruh, they aight.
Mandina’s Restaurant
Don’t miss that bill…
Great flavor and tradition in the pink house.

Dolly’s Deli (Ragin Cajun’s)
Ain’t even been bringing up the beans.
However, I’m picky. You want a deal? GO.

Joey K’s 
The type of place I’ll have to get my red bean rep to call ahead of time to give them a heads up. Wouldn’t throw bread at the ducks wit em. Overhyped, imo.


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