RB&R Day: Dolly’s Deli, Now Ragin Cajun’s…

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RB&R Day

Again we arrive on RB&R Day in the greatest city we could ever place flesh. In a short recap of the last few weeks, I’ve ran into several establishments that participate in this phenomenal tradition.

  • Lakeview Brew on Canal Blvd. Greatest City in The World.
  • Uncle Larry Morrow’s on Rampart. Greatest City in The World.
  • Neyow’s on Bienville. Greatest City in The World.
  • Willie Mae’s Scotch House on St. Ann. Greatest City in The World. Greatest Corner in The World.
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It’s RB&R day, please come proper.

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Willie Mae’s Scotch House.
I’ll be back to eat on that corner.

RB&R Day @ Dolly’s

So, I go to Dolly’s and have been going to Dolly’s for half a decade now. Same people, it’ll never change. Incredible customer service and authentic conversation. I get minimum one pack of cigs from there every single day. Might I mention, they charge like .50 more for their cigs than anywhere else. Doesn’t matter, the people are worth it.

Cole always tuning in for the grub promos.
This my guy right here repping the cubbies.

The stop at Dolly’s (now known as Ragin Cajun’s) today was not meant to be one for red beans and rice. While walking past the kitchen inside to get to a 20 oz coke, there was a sign that said “Special Plate $8.99 Red Beans and Rice” that caught my eye. Upon seeing the sign, the question was posed to the sweet woman who has been handing me Marlboro Light Special Blends for years.

Legendary Convo

Hey, how ya doin.. How y’alls red beans over here?

Devin, Snow Like Jon.

Baby, I loss my marriage over these red beans and rice.

Sweet Lady at Dolly’s I trust.

Instantly taken back by her statement. From there, departure was the only thing on my mind. After leaving and thinking inside the truck for 7 1/2 minutes, I decided she impacted me enough to walk my happy ass back inside. The purchase was completed, and a cig was smoked on the wait.

Ragin Cajun’s RB&R Promo

Guys, I don’t review New Orleans food. We out here living our best lives and the last thing that needs to be confirmed is Red Beans and Rice in this city. With that being said, this was not on the level of Morrow’s or Willie Mae’s. However, it could surely be groomed to compete with Neyow’s and my girl Anita over there at Lakeview Brew.

  • They were a tad too buttery for ya guy.
  • Cornbread addition always appreciated.
  • Price point always appreciated while I’m running off credit cards.
On the infamous Dolly’s stump. Guy asked me for a cig while I was sitting there.
IN HIS SPOT, fuck me.

Also, this is a place that reigns legendary on Canal Blvd. The only shop like it in the area. Don’t be slipping going over to that Shell down the street. May get popped out ya socks with a chocolate milk in ya hands. HOLD IT.

Larry Morrow’s has the best fried chicken in the city.
Do not fucking @ me bro.
Rampart, hold it.
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