RB&R Day: Elysian Fields Red Beans & Rice

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RB&R Day Sammy's Food Store

I drove my happy ass to Elysian Fields on RB&R day with no hesitation. The traction that Sammy’s Food Service was getting in the HTM comments on Facebook was nothing to shoulder check and walk past. These cats got some RB&R on em that will surely throw a boot in ya tummy. Nothing too spicy, and nothing too extravagant. But, for $12.14 you are getting the following…

  • SIX fried catfish strips!
  • TWO plate pockets of rice!
  • ONE huge pond of RB&R Day thrills!
3000 Elysian Fields
Greatest City in The World.

RB&R Day Continues

I’d consider Sammy’s Food Service a respectable option on Monday’s. One of those places you just drive and hit. Don’t fucking pull up google, look at the reviews, or how well it looks inside. All that is irrelevant when you heading to Elysian Fields to pick up some red beans and rice. Personally, I never been there before. That gave me the most authentic opportunity to react when I pulled out the catfish and pond of beans. No cornbread does continue to be a significant issue in the city of New Orleans.

Places without cornbread in their RB&R specials…

  • Lakeview Brew
  • Morrow’s
  • Neyow’s
  • Willie Mae’s Scotch House
  • Sammy’s Food Service

The one that did…

Good things come right around the corner.
Walking distance…
  • Good ole fucking Dolly’s Deli (Now Ragin Cajun’s)
    • The place that sells me cigs daily.

That is just good ole fashion hospitality right there. Can’t be coached.

Red Bean Rankings

  1. Willie Mae’s Scotch House
  2. Lakeview Brew
  3. Sammy’s Food Service
  4. Larry Morrow’s
  5. Neyow’s
  6. Dolly’s Deli (Ragin Cajun’s)

Willie Mae’s was a fucking experience. Didn’t get to eat inside any of these places. I’m sure that makes a significant difference. However, Willies on the corner is a full ass vibe. Their RB&R surpassed my expectations on quality and quantity.

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It’s RB&R day, please come proper.

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Willie Mae’s Scotch House
2401 St. Ann Street
Greatest City in The World

Price wise? Larry Morrow’s is the best option in the city. The fried chicken alone is worth the dollar. Uncle Larry has the most drip out of all these cats too.

Morrow’s NOLA
2438 St. Claude Ave.
Greatest City in The World.


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