RB&R Day: Joey K’s On Magazine

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RB&R Day: Joey K's

Taking talent to new avenues as RB&R Day landed at Joey K’s on Magazine.

  • We know, “Greatest City In The World.”
  • Yes, “Greatest Tradition In The World.”
  • “Greatest Street In The World?”

Who fucking knows. Nothing better than getting stoned and walking down Magazine buying a bunch of weird ass shit. The food is fuego. Close ya eyes and point to a grub hub on this street. Ya prolly gonna run into a ton of tourists saying DAT DOG is so fucking incredible…

Mehhh, I’ll let the local holders on Twitter tell me that.

Actually, that makes a ton of sense. Just get fucked up and pick a spot. That is what this street is all about. Hunger will get skull dragged, undoubtedly.

RB&R Day: What We Got?

Joey K’s darlin… Ya would’ve thought dudes were gonna get sent to break my legs if I didn’t go over here. After ten incredible weeks, the time was randomly today.

Didn’t plan on going all the way to Magazine. Ya talking about several nut bouncing holes in the street just to get some tradition.

Yeah, that is several nut bounces I’m willing to take at any moment on a Monday, bud. Joey K’s? It was solid.

Mayo Thoughts?

  • Exceptional flavor w/o added salt.
  • Chicken had that upper class fried chicken taste. NOT better than Uncle Larry Morrow’s in my firm opinion.
  • Plenty of rice.
  • The presentation sucked.
    • My plate was all over by the time I got home.
    • Makes you appreciate what Willie Mae’s and Liuzza’s does for ya with the plastic tins.
  • No free perks.
  • $13.50 if you add fried chicken instead of smoked sausage.
  • $10 and some change if you don’t.
  • Great taste, I wanna emphasize the taste without salt.
  • No cornbread, or bread at all.

Red Bean Rankings

1- Liuzza’s By The Track
TOP BEANS in the pot, baw! Corner Burner just thriving on North Lopez.

life changing.

2- Willie Mae’s Scotch House
Like going over to ya nen nen’s house. The beans are comfortable and well presented. Flavor is stellar. Corner Burner!

3- Melba’s
You just a hater if you don’t like Melba’s. Corner BURNING! CORNBREAD.

a whole ass vibe.

4- Lakeview Brew
Anita, everything is fine. Ya staying at four, and the beans are still underrated as fuck.

5- Sammy’s Food Service
SIX catfish strips. NEVER FORGET. Great presentation and people.


Honorable Beans:

  • Joey K’s
  • Morrow’s
  • Please – U – Restaurant
  • Neyow’s

Looking Back On RB&R

Let’s finish the plate with a reel of RB&R highlights thus far in tweet form.

#2 and PROPER.

RB&R Day: Joey K’s
Greatest City In The World


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