RB&R Day: “Juniors, Go To Juniors On Harrison!”

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RB&R Day stops at Juniors On Harrison.

ALRIGHT, I’m going to Juniors On Harrison. Everybody calm down and take a deep breath. Felt like I was gonna get my legs broken if I didn’t go. Is Junior real? Like a real hungry, vicious yat? Seems like Junior is either a really good networker or one hell of an intimidator. Either way, the value is one that will make ya nips hard.

Woah, Juniors On Harrison!

Make ya wanna buy something else.

That’s exactly why I snagged a draft beer and a piece of fried chicken w/ it. The fried chicken was in that upper class of fried chicken. Same class as Larry Morrow’s and Cooter Brown’s.

Flavor pouring out the bitch.

RB&R Day: Juniors On Harrison

Things that were lovely and traditional.

  • Corner Burner, great grub lies on the corner.
  • Not trying to cut ya head off with price. Trying to give it away if we being honest. All about the specials, get the volume and roll it.
  • Flavor was worth a conversation.
  • Solid portion.
  • Cornbread

Red Bean Rankings

Last week I was gracious enough to form a rough draft on the top ten best pots of RB&R. This is all in anticipation for the Highly Touted Top 20 that will conclude the RB&R journey, maybe.

20 pots will be honored, that is what I do know.

This pot would be honored if there was just 10 getting grouped. But, would it be on display in our top five?

  1. Liuzza’s By The Track
RB&R Day: Liuzza’s By The Track
  • Corner Burner
  • Superb Quantity
  • Pine Aid Chicken Strips
  • Three Pieces Of French Bread
  • Corner Burner
  • Mid 50’s Vibe
  • Sausage & Ham Provide PREMIUM Flavor

2. Willie Mae’s Scotch House

RB&R Day: Willie Mae’s Scotch House
  • Incredible Presentation
  • Plastic Pints Of Beans
  • Comfortable Flavor
  • AMAZING Looking Facility
  • 3 Massive Chicken Tenders
  • Corner Burner

3. Cooter Brown’s Tavern

RB&R Day: Cooter Brown’s
  • Best Flavor On The Journey
  • Top Three Best Chicken
  • A MESS Of Greatness
  • Ham ALL In The Beans

4. Juniors On Harrison

These rankings haven’t shifted lately.

But, they do today.

RB&R Day’s 24th Location.

5. Melba’s

RB&R Day: Melba’s
  • Beautiful Corner Burner, Nostalgic.
  • French Fries, Cornbread, & Free Daq
  • Large Link Of Smoked Sausage, ICONIC.
  • The Name Belongs In New Orleans
  • Beautiful App

Five More….

  • Frady’s One Stop
RB&R Day: Frady’s
  • Cafe 615 “Wabbit’s House” (7)
  • Lakeview Brew (8)
  • Sammy’s Food Service (9)
  • Verti Marte (10)

Another tradition practice complete.

24. Juniors On Harrison

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