RB&R Day: Liuzza’s By The Track

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RB&R Day: Liuzza's By The Track

The stoned verdict on for RB&R Day, Liuzza’s By The Track over there on North Lopez. Another corner burner for the vibe checkers. If ya been following along, you know I’m all about some good grub that is located smack dab on the corner. Run it…

Our eighth chosen location.
The breaded freak faces are out.
I’ve been criticized for my “pine aid” spelling enough.

RB&R Day By The Track

Man, let’s talk about that clean ass parking spot right in front of the joint. That type of shit matters to me. It was low key beautiful on the outside, and looked like a mid 30’s bar on the inside. That bar rescue guy would shit, but that bar rescue guy don’t have red beans on his mind come Monday.

Again, I’d like to spare a moment.
Blue Oak MUST figure out a way for it to work.
I continuously get stoned and forget they are closed…

I knew this fucking place was gold when I pulled up. Felt that corner vibe and started feeling like I was hopping on Space Mountain in 2002. That kind of joy was injected in my soul.

Gotta tell ya, I think we got a new bean boss.

Red Bean Rankings

Not gonna waste anyone’s time. This shit is starting to mean something. I’ve enjoyed all the experiences and spending my mayo at the expense of running red beans promos for you guys.

1- Liuzza’s By The Track

Full blown plate fatality.

I’m as shocked as any of you assholes. Didn’t wake up today after feeling like I lost a full brain the previous night to declare a new RB&R block runner in NOLA. However, for only $11.98 they were able to steal my little mayo soul in bites.

  • Great flavor, sausage and ham.
  • Exceptional quantity.
  • Adorable pine aid chicken striplets.
  • Three pieces of soft french bread.
  • Corner location sympathy.

2- Willie Mae’s Scotch House

Willie Mae takes a little jab to the bowl this week. I’m confident that our future encounters will keep them in play for new endeavors. Their setup for plate presentation was stellar. The corner location was nostalgic and touching to be around. You are not forgotten Willie Mae, just defeated for one Monday.

3- Lakeview Brew

Here we have Anita in the morning.
They only made one like her in the world.

Bout to have to try these beans again on the slick. They are becoming too distant from me, and I believe Anita would bring her best game to town on that day.

4- Sammy’s Food Service

I nearly nudged them ahead of Lakeview Brew this week. Just how the feel was feeling.

I loved this day Sammy’s.

5- Larry Morrow’s

Still the greatest fried chicken in the city of New Orleans. The beans are becoming more distant from mayo right now. I’m also set on getting Uncle Larry to tell me about this guy who sells ribs and salmon out of his residential. I’ll be back to LM’s.

Hum bruh?

On the edge of the table…

  • Mandina’s Restaurant
  • Neyow’s
  • Dolly’s Deli (Ragin Cajun’s)

After eight solid locations, I’m now starting to get a little more transparent in the kitchen. These places can’t all be honored with numbers. I was never a kid who wanted a trophy for just showing up to the ballpark. These beans mean something folks.

Now, I hope you ate already…
Ole Craig in the tub striking a kodak.
He’d tell ya it happens like that sometimes.

Till next Monday,

From the greatest city in the world…


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