RB&R Day: Martin Gotta Fine Wine Cellar & Pot Of Beans

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Martin Wine Cellar for RB&R Day.

Tradition took my happy ass to Martin Wine Cellar to taste a batch of beans for the common men and women. Lemme start by saying Martin has a fine facility on Baronne Street. It’s like a cream of the crop cafeteria. I was baked and overwhelmed when I walked in. Everybody seemed so fucking happy to be dining in at Martin’s.

The 21st stop in a row.

Very Truman showish, but I was buying in.

Oh, and…

Never forget.

Still was a beautiful day to celebrate.

Trolls galore only support that statement.

Martin Wine Cellar

I had a feeling that this place would not disappoint. Had a few sandwiches from Martin in the past, but never thought about practicing tradition in his facility.

Let’s lay it all out.

Martin Wine Cellar
3827 Baronne Street
  • Great value ($10.69)
  • Stellar portions
    • Beans
    • Smoked Sausage
    • Sweet Cornbread
    • An entire row of dank cookies
  • Top notch facility

Did it feel like mom and pops? Nah.

But, know ya audience.

Red Bean Rankings

Look, this fine wine cellar will certainly make the top 10 if I had to tell ya today. But, it just isn’t sensible to put them ahead of Frady’s right now. It was a step below that.

Frady’s One Stop Food Store

Martin is sitting somewhere with our great friends at Sammy’s at the #6 or #7 spot heading into the Top 20 Highly Touted.

  1. Liuzza’s By The Track
  2. Willie Mae’s Scotch House
  3. Cooter Brown’s Tavern
  4. Melba’s
  5. Frady’s One Stop

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