RB&R Day: Melba’s By The Bridge

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Red Bean Rankings: The Tradition Continues

After that flame produced on RB&R Day from Melba’s, it is absolutely time to release the Red Bean Rankings. As this RB&R tradition continued to set it the fuck off on Monday’s, the inevitable destination was indeed Melba’s on Elysian Fields.

RB&R Day At Melba’s

Ya, it felt right. I could hear the parish yappin from over the Claiborne bridge. Melba’s, is also a parish owned flavor operation. That fact got tossed to me by my cousin Kayla via instagram message. Anyways, this is surely a common woman and man experience right here.

Key points of significance in these red beans…

  • Flavor is incredible, almost too incredible.
    • Salt will make ya heated.
  • Cornbread. 2/10 places to include in purchase.
  • French fries for the fuck of it, throw it in the price.
  • One of the biggest, most perfect, sausage links you’ll ever see on ya plate when ya open up the box.
  • Free Daq, if ya got the app? Do ya?
  • Corner Burner, shout out corner burner locations.

Red Bean Rankings

1- Liuzza’s By The Track
Nothing changed my mind on this gem being the top pot of beans.

2- Willie Mae’s Scotch House
CORNER BURNER ALERT. One of my favorite stops in the RB&R journey.

3- Melba’s
This is the safest spot for all that flavor. The sausage should not get overlooked. I’ll take it as my favorite sausage in the game thus far after ten locations. The cornbread will make ya slap the human next to ya… SWEET.

Colby, a rep from Chalmette.

4- Lakeview Brew
Prolly will have to pay for my coffee tomorrow. Dropping the mob like Anita in RB&R rankings isn’t something anyone would wanna sleep with at night.

The frozen mob queen.

5- Sammy’s Food Service
SIX catfish strips. Do not fucking forget it. The beans are solid, great presentation as well. Incredible place for Monday’s.

Honorable Servings

We’d like to keep the following locations in mind for future, as well as sure hitta’s for RB&R Day.

  • Morrow’s (Uncle Larry’s)
    • Best chicken on the journey.
  • Please-U-Restaurant (Ask for Adam)
    • *Sausage is flame.
  • Neyow’s

We done here? HOLD IT.

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