RB&R Day: Mother’s Restaurant

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RB&R Day heads to Mother's Restaurant

It pains me to say it took 12 weeks to arrive at Mother’s Restaurant. Yes, the haters are already talking out the side of their neck.

“It’s a tourist location, brah!”

Lawd have mercy.

I’ve ran into tourist at Mother’s, and also getting my cigs at the corner store.

It is what we call it,

The Greatest City in The World.

Momma was in the kitchen though!

Don’t be mad that Mother’s has had a line out the fucking wazoo to eat some tradition since 1938. What were you doing in 1938? This Poydras Street gem was serving hungry southern yats on the most molly whopping street in the city. Swallow ya mouthpiece and get back on the street car.

Mother’s Restaurant

RB&R Day
Mother’s Restaurant
401 Poydras Street

Another corner burner, you know that hits for HTM. Before the mayo promo clip, let it be known that this is NOT the first time that the fella above has hit this establishment. Many mornings and nights, several scenarios. This is the first time for the RB&R series as we know it today. Can’t believe it took this long. Guess who has to sleep with that? Ya boy has to sleep w/ it.

Take this to ya momma…

-The price is way too high for mayo budget at moment.
-Fella at the register was a stellar bro.
-Felt good to be back.
-Corner burner.
-Comfortable as fuck inside, nobody looking at nostrils.
-The plate size was TOP NOTCH. Validated price, maybe.
-RB&R portion was decent, sausage portion better.
-Potato salad is the best I’ve had in years, swear.
-Cabbage had ham in it, as did the beans.
-No bread or cornbread, ouch.
-RB&R Day location to mention always.

With all that said, they understand the tradition on Monday. The dude at the register spoke with me about that. Incredible conversation.

Red Bean Rankings

1- Liuzza’s By The Track
Still the beans to beat, but not just that. The only plate fatality since starting the RB&R series. Another corner burner, they stay relevant.

2- Willie Mae’s Scotch House
Willie Mae darlin! Presentation is everything with them beans. Flavor of the city at the Scotch House momma. The most beautiful fucking corner.

3- Melba’s
Over there by the Claiborne bridge, podna! Get you a free Zion Daq when you download the app. This joint just gives me the correct vibe. How bout that sweet ass cornbread? That shit ain’t a given by no means. Only two locations out of 12 have had cornbread with the beans.

4- Lakeview Brew
Anita, it was close this week. Honestly, it was close for both 4 and 5 getting shifted. Not gonna happen, the flavor will keep Anita at four.

5- Sammy’s Food Service
SIX CATFISH STRIPS and the proper price edged out Mother’s respectably.

Close and not out of it yet, Mother’s would be that hypothetical six.

Price killed the mayo man with debt on his mind.

Honorable Beans:

  • Joey K’s (I guess, actually fuck this place)
  • Morrow’s (Love Larry)
  • Please – U – Restaurant (Adam has it under control)
  • Neyow’s


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