RB&R Day: Please-U-Restaurant

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RB&R Day: Please-U-Restaurant

Catch mayo on St. Charles avenue embracing RB&R Day at Please-U-Restaurant darlin. Never heard of the joint, until today. Holy smoked sausage and beans, bud.

RB&R Day,
Greatest City In The World.
Adam knew about mayo low key.

Every Monday morning the holders chime in on RB&R Day locations. This nostalgic, narrow beauty, kind of just forced its way to my eyes. Saw one shot of the beans it was done. Wasn’t planning on going way out here.

Can’t even say the name caught me. Please-U-Restaurant was the first location in New Orleans that I saw on the thread. While placing the order over the phone, this dude Adam noticed my voice in seconds. Had to bring the man a shirt.

“You that guy on TV with mayo.”

-Adamandios Toras (Family Owner)

First thing that smacked my eyes in the vision, the simple items. Steal my little mayonnaise heart with nostalgic trinkets that just belong.

RB&R Day Nice Things

No Need For Change.

The price will get ya boy too. As I am currently dollar after dollar in mayo debt with a long journey ahead. Eating RB&R isn’t just something that is done for tradition and taste. It’s saving me money staying consistent. Also, the following were significant once the plate was opened and dipped into…it just matters.

  • Adam asked me if I wanted this, that, this…
    • The side items for $9.00 is a robbery.
  • French Bread, Peas, & Side Salad.
  • Several huge halved links of smoked sausage.
  • The weight of the plate is just absurd.
  • Red Beans and Rice GALORE!
Gawd, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Red Bean Rankings

Let’s rank these beans for several avenues as we’ve discussed in this blog and the previous eight RB&R blogs. The new rankings are easy. Ya got five contenders, and the rest begin to become distant memories until we see them again.

1- Liuzza’s By The Track
Nobody moved this heart grabbing corner burner off the throne after a week of holding the crown. The ultimate vibe, taste, and price thus far for the mayo man.

Never forget.

2- Willie Mae’s Scotch House
Another corner burner still thriving at the top.

3- Lakeview Brew
Still gotta keep Anita, and them beans that you would think may not stand a chance, at number four.

4- Sammy’s Food Service
I’ll never forget those SIX catfish strips, TWO plate pockets of rice, and swimming pool of red beans.

5 – Please-U-Restaurant
Wow, giving these guys the five spot? I’d runt through brick wall for this type of quantity, price, and experience. Only thing keeping them from seriously competing with Sammy’s in the RB rankings is flavor without salt added. The sausage? Best smoked sausage I’ve had on this adventure.

This is true.

Sorry Uncle Larry Morrow. It fucking pained me to put you and that incredible fried chicken at #6 that isn’t even there. But, I’ll be back on Rampart soon.

RB&R Day


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