RB&R Day Stops At Betsy’s Pancake House For Tradition

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Betsy's For RB&R Day.

How about spending a pleasant RB&R Day at Betsy’s Pancake House? I’m sure that doesn’t wake ya up from a deep sleep when ya hear it. However, I’ve had a few middle-age and older folks tell me to just give it a try. Well, slap my ass and call me a believer as I only head to travel five whole minutes to practice tradition today.

RB&R Day
Betsy’s Pancake House

RB&R Day At Betsy’s?

I knew I’d be in for something a little different from what I’ve been seeing on this oh so traditional day. Walked into Betsy’s on Canal Street and instantly got a whiff and visual of a Piccadillyish aura, Brute cologne, and old flesh. I’m not saying this to pick at ole Betsy’s, but just describing the image from a 28 year old dudes perspective. The people working there were fucking fantastic. Felt like I was in a 50’s television series when the sweet ole lady told me to hold the bag straight and watch for leaks. Aw sheesh, leakage huh?

The 23rd straight tradition practice.

No choice but to smile and say have a blessed day. In the back of my head I knew we could be in for some runny $10 and a few cent batch of red beans and rice.

Also, should’ve known this place would have some presentable enough beans to make the RB&R Day list once noticing it was a corner burner. These corner burners are relentless with good cooking. Show me a bad corner spot and I’ll try an concur.

Red Bean Rankings

This cute little traditional place won’t make my top ten and maybe just miss the top 20 highly touted pots, but I’ll certainly be back for pancakes and a few ole timer stories. For now let’s take a look at how these rankings are heating up after 23 stops.

Liuzza’s By The Track
  • Willie Mae’s Scotch House (2)
Willie Mae’s Scotch House
  • Cooter Brown’s Tavern (3)
Cooter Brown’s
  • Melba’s (4)
  • Frady’s One Stop (5)
Frady’s One Stop
  • Cafe 615 “Wabbit’s House” (6)
  • Lakeview Brew (7)
  • Sammy’s Food Service (8)
  • Mother’s (9)
  • Verti Marte (10)

Message For McNulty


Mista McNulty, we’d love to hear from you. Certainly busy times around New Orleans and that doesn’t go misunderstood, but we have a tradition niche that seems to be crossing paths.

The 23rd straight RB&R Day opens up an offer to Ian McNulty to practice tradition with mayo one day in near future. Phenomenal photography and even better literature ya got here!

As always, if ya need a roof? Call All Around Roofing like as soon as you can get ya happy ass to a phone.


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