RB&R Day: The Last Two Mondays of Tradition

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Try to keep up with RB&R Day and this tradition.

It is honestly hard for me to even keep up with the shit, which is why I’m killing two birds with one stone on the last two Mondays on RB&R Day. Both were impactful, one in Old Metairie and one in the parish. Let’s go back last week to the latest Metairie edition on RB&R Day 132.

RB&R Day 132: Radosta’s

Back to Metairie, home of the worst drivers, highest credit scores and the most Karens. The name of the place (Radosta’s) just sounds like it holds some spectacular fucking food. I would’ve been pissed if I went in here and came out with some mediocre plate. That is the last thing that happened. I actually walked out with a whole ass box like a mfer was moving out a dorm room. Keep in mind this was after a Tulane win, Tiger win and Saints win on the weekend. Vibes were immaculate after the holy trinity.

RB&R Day 132

One of the most festive and old school places you will see. Pictures of the 3 stooges all over the walls and everybody got mayo on their mouth from throwing down them poboys. Some Italian ass red beans too, you can taste Italy in every bite of the mfers. Some top notch smoked sausage that I really wanna emphasize. Came with a salad and some Metairie Italian dressing, respect ya body. The salad had purple onions on the bitch. Kids were rolling off on bicycles with hotplates. This place cooking with hot grease baby, I saw folks dropping off their spouses at Radosta’s. It’s a party.

Radosta’s – HTM Approved

Fast Forward

To the next Monday, this past Monday. Where vibes were low after both LSU & the Saints decided to shit a whole bed.

Saints score 0

Everything went wrong on Sunday.

We needed red beans more than ever.


Which is why I took my sad ass wayyyyyy down the road all the way to Charlie’s in St. Bernard Parish for a moment of peace with tradition. Better grab some gasoline cause it is a drive, but a peaceful one. Just wanted to get these garbage ass football teams off my mind. Charlie’s is a staple down in the parish and you not gonna find no bad food there.

The mfers open at 6am and that should tell ya enough right there. They literally open their eyes ready to cook some heat till 9pm. Known for fantastic fried seafood and lunch specials, you know they had them red beans ready. Best part, different than any other red beans I’ve had because they make em from scratch with their own vision.

RB&R Day 133

Them catfish strips, I could eat 40 of the mfers. Lemony and seasoned, they doing their batter right over at Charlie’s. Top it all off with that fucking mountain of bread pudding. One bite of that gonna make ya wonder how somebody could make bread taste so damn good. Charlie’s cutting up and cleansed my losing soul after an hour of being there.

Not even a bee could sting me on these beans.

Charlie’s – HTM Approved

On/Off The Beans

As of last week I have introduced a new weekly list for everybody to get pissed about. Each Monday morning I now release a list of ten Louisiana talents on and off the beans.

This is the most recent list released Monday morning after a pretty dismal weekend for Louisiana talent other than Tulane football.

Red Bean Merch

is fucking flying off the shelves. Nobody more loyal than the people who follow and support RB&R Day.

Thanks for the love, approaching $100,000 in shirt sales since June and that’ll make ya hop out ya love seat. Still just me handling it all, so bare with me on them deliveries.


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