RB&R Day: Verti Marte

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RB&R Day: Verti Marte

Tradition made a stop on Royal at ole Verti Marte for a change of pace. Can’t brush these cats off when it comes to superb local grub. I didn’t think it would be one of my 30 spots on RB&R Day.

The 19th location in a row.

Just being honest. Every single time I’ve went to Verti it’s been the Philly, Shrimp Filly, or a Royal feast speciality sandwich.

Unique as fuck is all I can say.

RB&R Day
Verti Marte

First thing first,

Another fucking corner burner.

Incredible vibe until the saints blew it.
RB&R Value Award.
$9.80 w/ a large coke.

Any place that has been worth a SHIT during this traditional journey has been located on the corner. So incredible, and I support it. I’m really trying not to talk about the who dat’s right now.

Corner Burners

Liuzza’s By The Track


Mother’s Restaurant


Burn it up.

Frankie & Johnny’s

Ya ma and them on the corner.

Cooter Brown’s

Usher- Let It Burn

Any several other bangers go above.

Don’t tell me tradition doesn’t belong on the corner.

Red Bean Rankings

Lemme say this, Verti Marte went the fuck off. The taste was stellar for that low price. Quantity through the roof, I did expect that after going to a similar spot like it in Please-U-Restaurant. Beans for three days, bruh.

However, that top five right now is so illustrious.

It’ll be hard for any pot to get ahead of Frady’s at five, much less even touch a pot of beans like Liuzza’s by the Track.

Rankings stay the same with only 11 locations left until we decide who is worthy of the Highly Touted Top 20.

  1. Liuzza’s By The Track
  2. Willie Mae’s Scotch House
  3. Cooter Brown’s Tavern
  4. Melba’s
  5. Frady’s One Stop

Red Beans & Roofs

Oh, before we depart from this blog. I’d like to present HTM’s latest sponsor and RB&R enthusiasts. All Around Roofing has been showing up and showing out for the last 33 years with roofing services in the southeast.

Here we have a custom roof, it’s features make it the ultimate roofing package. 🏠 .The shingles are Owens Corning…

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