Reacting To The Last Three RB&R Days In Louisiana

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Strolling through the last three RB&R Days since I haven’t been able to get on here and jot my thoughts. We can start on RB&R Day 134 when I wound up in LaPlace.

About 34 minutes away from where I’m at in New Orleans, LaPlace is known for the Port of South Louisiana and Andouille sausage. It’s actually the official Andouille Capital of the World. Anyways, I went to Wayne Jacob’s Smokehouse. A mfer named Wayne Jacobs sounds like he can smoke some shit up. Located next to a trailer park. It was like getting dropped in the middle of nowhere and looking for red beans.

RB&R Day 134

Too much white space on the plate, need to fill them holes in. Other than that, the flavor was there in these red beans. They using them special LaPlace meats to jazz shit up. I picked up some cracklin and jerky, wasn’t a huge fan of either but the shit was different. Overall, these folks got some fantastic meats and are slinging the piss out Andouille sausage. I don’t have a problem approving this place if they fill that white space on plate.

Wayne Jacob’s – HTM Approved

RB&R Day 135

Broad & Banks got the call. Here is a place I went to early in my journey when nobody was really watching and covid was in full action. I plan on re-doing some of these places to display the entire experience instead of what I did then which was do it in my studio.

Walking in Broad & Banks is one of the most comfortable lunch feelings you’ll obtain. A row of hot n ready selections and this time I went with the Soft Shell Crab. Do I regret it? Kinda, because they got some fire ass fried chicken and pork chops.

However, it was the first time ever a soft shell appeared on RB&R Day. Even though this wasn’t better than the first time I went, it is still a top notch lunch experience.

RB&R Day 135

You gonna see a ton of characters like you walking around in a game of GTA. Even secured a grill while I was out there.

Beer – Abita Purple Haze

Broad & Banks – HTM Approved

RB&R Day 136

The latest Monday, I took my ass to Frank’s on Decatur after getting lured in by what seemed like a sincere Italian.

Did I believe this man had epic red beans? Nope. But, I did think I’d get a memorable experience and even meet Frank himself. None of that really happened as the only memory I’ll hold from this place is Frank (who I didn’t even meet) and that muff they got.

RB&R Day 136

Located in the middle of tourist central on Decatur, I don’t recommend going here unless you literally around the corner. More than likely, you gonna go in Central for a muff. HOWEVER, this mfer Frank does have an exceptional muff. The beans?

The beans had no soul, had about as much soul as Clay Aiken. I was intrigued, wanted it to work out very badly, but unfortunately it did not.

Beer – Abita Strawberry

Frank’s Restaurant – NOT HTM Approved

Great Year For Beans

After the most progressive year of my career, I wanna thank everybody who has shown love towards what I do. Whether ya just got here or ya been here, ya made a difference and my vision started to manifest.

The most loyal people in the world. I know that I am lucky to be able to do what I do for a living, but know I worked my ass off for it. Entertainment is everything to me and I’m happy to give a Monday escape every week.


Snapbacks are in the shop right now, prolly sitting right there at the bottom of this page. Everybody who ordered merch this year, thank you.

Next Monday we finding the heat.

Merry Christmas


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