Regis Prograis Bodies A Man From The Living Room

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Regis Prograis lights mo hooker up from the living room.

A man was laid to bed from the living room of professional boxer Regis Prograis. Regis was scheduled to fight Maurice Hooker on April 17th in a catchweight fight at 143 pounds firm. Regis coming off a loss, Hooker coming off a win. The fight didn’t happen, and that was all Mo needed to lay back like a fat cat and watch Ozark in hibernation. His name always struck me as an R&B singers name, but this emotional tune takes the cake. This is art.

Lol. So Regis agrees to 143, Hooker agrees, but then eats and doesn’t agree. Got it.

Mo Drops A New Single

Mo Hooker’s Latest Single “I don’t want to kill myself no more.”

“I don’t want to kill myself to make weight,” Hooker told in an interview on Thursday night. “The fight I had in December on the (Julio Cesar) Chavez Jr. card I struggled and couldn’t make 143. Don’t want to struggle no more making weight. I want to make weight comfortably and fight the next day. I don’t want to kill myself no more.” – Mo

Regis Prograis Doesn’t Give A Fuck, Mo.

Bodies man from a lawn chair in the living room.

Regis took very little time to respond to quite a prolonged statement by Hooker. Nah, seriously what the fuck? So late. Hooker had just said in April that he COULDN’T WAIT to put Regis on his ass. Ya know what? Let’s go through a quick timeline.

* Both, Regis and Hooker were undefeated leading up to this point.

07/27/2019 > Hooker gets blowed up by Jose Carlos Ramirez in six rounds, in his own yard. (TKO) 140lbs.

This is the fight Prograis refers to in his video when saying Hooker got his ass whooped in Texas. Dude straight dropped the belt, and his jaw in Arlington.

10-26-2019 > Prograis fights and loses to Josh Taylor at 140lbs. (via decision)

FOY candidate. Prograis loses via decision.

12-20-2019 > Hooker heads to Phoenix and knocks out some dude Uriel Perez. (Hooker 144.3, Perez 141.9)

03-17-2020 > Regis Prograis vs. Maurice Hooker cancelled due to pandemic.

04-1-2020 > Hooker claims he CAN’T WAIT to put Regis Prograis on his ass.

06-10-2020 > Mo Hooker releases his latest single “I don’t want to kill myself no more.”

That Don’t Sound Right…

Hooker waited till June 10th to say he was concerned about weight cutting with this fight. That’s what I’m gathering. RP fought in a FOY nominee of a fight with Josh Taylor, loss by decision, and hasn’t gotten an opponent since.


But, Mo Hooker was fortunate enough to knock some bum out in Phoenix and then sit on his ass three months to decide if he really wanted to fight The Rougarou.

Guess Maurice’s order at El Paso that night…

I can’t find Mo with a search warrant since the pandemic. Prolly eating at several different Dallas establishments. Regis has literally been throwing leather at 12, 1, 2 AM for as long as I can remember. Nightly, every night. Not just during the pandemic. Dude wants to fight, now.

There is levels to this shit. Hooker needs to call Billy Blanks and pass on that next slice of blueberry pie. I swear this man hasn’t trained since Easter.

Last action post. Fight called off, delicious food and emotions called on.


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