Regis Prograis Had To Wait A Year To Whoop Someone’s Ass

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Regis Prograis set to fight tomorrow night against Juan Heraldez.

Think about how a guy like Regis Prograis had to wait a year to proceed with his daily block knocking schedule. Yeah, that shit is as routine as you pumping gas when ya need it.

New Orleans Representative Regis Prograis Trains ALOT.

After a fugazi DiBella Hooker fight wipe, The Rougarou (24-1,20 KOs) won’t have to wait another second as he will knuckle up on Saturday night.

Update: deep New Orleans cough….

Halloween Night w/ The Rougarou
Update: BOO, it’s a Rougarou

Three things:

  • Regis is fighting an undefeated Juan Heraldez who is also apart of Mayweather Promotions and Boxing Club. (16-0-1)

Update: Who?

Why that parking lot look like the K-Mart parking lot?
Sheesh, how many miles away is Floyd Mayweather?
Man said Regis isn’t elite, ha fuck.

Update: sup Juan?
  • Prograis is fighting in San Antonio and is expecting his third child to be born not too far away in Katy.


Does this look like a man who wants to wait a year to throw hands?

Regis slappin’ around old tires off his charger.
Update: random hard work pays off

That was a week ago. I promise you that it wasn’t a planned work out, hence the flip flops. Regis just had to hit some shit.


& boy did he fucking ever…


Regis Don’t Forget

Before having to wait an entire year to slap around a scallywag, Regis had just suffered a majority decision loss against Josh Taylor in London.

The fight was for the welterweight title unification and it was the Rougarou’s first loss.

Update: One year later Prograis has begun yet another journey to become the King of both the 140 and 147 division.

Taylor was a southpaw and Heraldez will be no Josh Taylor for that reason and many more in my opinion. This is the fight that starts the journey of a fucking champion.

Update: This was accurate as fuck.



Look for Regis to beat the shit outta somebody’s grown child on Saturday night is what I’m saying. Juan Heraldez gonna be doing dishes and folding clothes at Floyd’s Palace when this shit over.


& that is exactly what happen on Halloween.

Regis Prograis got in this man’s ass on some “I gotta run and go see the birth of my baby” right quick shit. It took three rounds for the Rougarou to send Juan back to Floyd’s house.

See ya…


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