Rippin’ Biscuits: Music City Mix w/ Craig & Snow

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Rippin' Biscuits

After a year of talking shit on Rippin’ Biscuits, I’ve decided to start a blog series for each episode. Also, this literature opportunity can be used to give sincere thoughts on what is upcoming inside The Hockey Podcast Network.

Quote This Photo:
“3 Hammocks, 3 Guys, 3 Dicks”
Vancouver Island, BC

Wow, look at the life of the good living!

Those guys are busy giving away free “signed pucks” to a bunch of kids jerkin off watching hockey. Super unique…


You’d need three adderall’s, a bowl of wheaties, and a large red bull to get Dylan and Isha to put together some sort of non canadian looking live stream.

Looks like I’m watching Trailer Park Boys.

Rippin’ Biscuits

We’ve done two live streams in our 50 plus episode existence on RB’s. Needless to say, this is a moment of evolution for the network and the biscuits.

The addition of Louisiana’s favorite rural inspiration in Craig Granger has sent shockwaves through Vancouver Island.

Craig always answers his phone.

Biscuit Serving Summary

  • Music City Mix-Up w/ Craig
    • Real simple. Assemble a list of infamous Nashville establishments and just tell Craig the name. Let him decide from there if he would be present, or if he’s passing.
  • Predators Smoke Show Confirmation.
    • Just making sure both biscuit bros agree that the Preds are gonna wipe the fucking ice with the Yotes.
  • Hockey Brawl Spelling Bee
    • Threw Craig a few brawlers to spell out.
  • Suave, Corie & Richie biscuit warrant.
Rippin’ Biscuits

Spotify & Apple are what I’d tell ya…
Thank you for considering RB’s.

Rippin’ Biscuits 56
Presented by The Hockey Podcast Network

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