Rippin’ Biscuits: Smashville Stand Up

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Rippin' Biscuits: Smashville Stand Up

The day of dawning has arrived for Smashville and Rippin’ Biscuits. It will be forever remembered as the day that nobody thought the Preds could make this run for glory to the Stanley fucking cup.

Message From Craig

Without further due, Craig has prepared a hype piece for everyone to enjoy before the game and podcast tonight. That is correct you assholes, we will be going live after the game tonight before Undressed. Book it up.

Rippin’ Biscuits Letter

Ya’ll ready to drop some pucks in the summertime up there in Edmonton, Alberta Canada?! We coming in hot inside bubble.

We got these Arizona Coyote’s thinking they gonna do us something in the City of Champions. But, SMASHVILLE IS GOING TO STAND THE FUCK UP!!

Ya’ll already know we got the best defense in the Western conference and the experience to take these boys out. These Predators are gonna be busting some heads on Sunday.

We ain’t gonna stop til we sweep em and we throwing catfish on the ice. We’re deep with Veterans, but it ain’t just about defense.We got shooters over here ready to Rip some Biscuits in the back of the net. Our leadership is strong and we got two goal tenders that ain’t nothing to play with.

In closing…

Them Coyotes may need to get to the Chopper because them Predator’s are coming for that ass.


Craig, from Lake Charles.

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