Royal Rumble History: The Last NOLA Rumble

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Royal Rumble History, 2001 in New Orleans

With the Royal Rumble coming up on Sunday, I figured we could take a deep look in to Royal Rumble History. We head way back in the wrestling time machine, and make a stop at the 2001 Royal Rumble. January 21, 2001 was a date that I will personally never forget. At the time, I was nine years old. This was the first time young Snow had been to a big four wrestling PPV. What is the big four? That would be the four most significant events for the WWE, or WWF at this time. Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summer Slam, and Survivor Series. The Rumble in 2001 was in New Orleans, and it was a night I will never fucking forget. Possibly, one of the most legendary PPV’s in Royal Rumble History.

Rumble Memories

As I sat my happy ass in the nosebleeds at the New Orleans Arena, the rumble slapped from beginning to end. Incredible blast from the past. In fact, even D’Lo fucking Brown was on the card. Do you remember D’Lo Brown? The guy that stood up at the turnbuckle, and shook his head side to side rapidly. The roster was so deep at this time, unforgettable roster.

2001 Royal Rumble Headlines

Lets jump right to two of the few major headlines that night. Chris Benoit went against Chris Jericho, in a ladder match chosen by Jericho. Benoit, was defending his Intercontinental Title. The IC title at that time, was such a big fucking deal. A match where both men were trying to disable each other. Incredible fucking match. Two legends in the ring.

Kurt Angle vs. Triple H

This feud was a prime example of how incredible Vince was with story telling during this era. It was 2001, Kurt Angle was still an asshole, and Triple H was coming off a huge injury that nearly derailed his career. Stephanie McMahon was involved heavily in this story line, and so was the smoking hot Trish Stratus. Did someone say Stone Cold Steve Austin?

30 Man Royal Rumble


  1. Jeff Hardy
  2. Bull Buchanan
  3. Matt Hardy
  4. Faarooq
  5. Drew Carey (Kane Destroyed)
  6. Kane
  7. Raven (Kane Destroyed)
  8. Al Snow (Kane Destroyed)
  9. Perry Saturn (Kane Destroyed)
  10. Steve Blackman (Kane Destroyed)
  11. Grand Master Sexay (Kane, R.I.P)
  12. The Honky Tonk Man (Kane Destroyed)
  13. The Rock (Kane Destroyed)
  14. The Godfather
  15. Tazz (Kane, again)
  16. Bradshaw (JBL)
  17. Albert (Kane Destroyed)
  18. Hardcore Holly
  19. K-Kwik (R Truth)
  20. Val Venis (Hello Ladies)
  21. William Regal
  22. Test (R.I.P)
  23. Big Show (The Return)
  24. Crash Holly (R.I.P)
  25. The Undertaker
  26. Scotty 2 Hotty
  27. Stone Cold Steve Austin
  28. Billy Gun
  29. Haku
  30. Rikishi

Royal Rumble MVP’s

Kane: This dude eliminated 11 souls that night. One of the most dominant performances in Royal Rumble History. He even threw Drew Carey over the ropes.

The Rock: Lasted a really long time, and eliminated three people along the way. Three big eliminations! Rock eliminated The Godfather, Big Show, and Rikishi. That is a ton of fucking weight going over the top ropes. Kane sent him on his way…

The Undertaker: Eliminated four people, and eventually would pair up with Kane to go full brothers of destruction on the entire roster. Taker was eliminated by Rikishi after 10 minutes plus in the ring.

Rumble Rattlesnake

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Got fucking blasted by Triple H after Austin interrupted his title match, causing “The Game” to lose the match against Kurt Angle. Austin was battered in blood, and left destroyed after entering as the 27th participant. He was the last wrestler to enter the ring that night, and whooped the absolute piss out of everyone once he did enter. This was vintage Stone Cold Steve Austin.

2001 Royal Rumble Winner

Stone Cold Steve Austin would overcome adversity, take a Fame Asser by Billy Gunn, and nearly get eliminated by Kane. However, it came down to Austin and Kane in the very end. Kane would go to grab a chair, and that was his last mistake. Austin would counter Kane quickly, hitting him with a stunner. Stone Cold would then blast Kane in the head three times with the chair, and clothesline him over the ropes for his third Royal Rumble victory. Austin was GOLD on this night. If you are a lifelong wrestling fan, you remember this unforgettable night. Follow us for more scoop on the Rumble.

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