Rudy Gobert Has Cooties, But Why Is He Giving It To Everyone Else?

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Rudy Gobert has cooties.

Rudy Gobert is freaking everyone the fuck out. Not sure what his plans are today, but it seems as if he is ball deep on giving everyone around him CoronaVirus. Never go full Rudy Gobert.

Rudy’s Cooties

Rudy was the start of the end for the NBA this season. The Jazz and Thunder were both isolated last night in their locker rooms because of this French asshole. Just bizarre, and out of nowhere too. The guy literally turned into a little child. Yep, a 7 foot little kid. Rudy wasted no time finding his next victim. As of this morning, Rudy’s teammate Donovan Mitchell has tested positive for the disease. Wow, Rudy? Wow.

The Gobert Effect

Can you imagine being Rudy Gobert right now? I mean, this guy is going to be fucking fine. However, the effect on the entire league is incredible to watch. If you ran into Rudy, it may be time to check ya booty. Ask the Toronto Raptors. They will be watching Mind Hunters on Netflix the next two weeks.

Rudy Gobert Legacy

This will forever be at the top of Gobert’s legacy chart. This, and him bitching about not making the All-Star team. The good news here is that 59 CoronaVirus test were conducted, and only two came back positive. Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. Again, never go full Rudy.

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