Saints Had BBQ Chicken In Carolina

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Jared Cook has another huge day on the field.

The Saints showed no mercy on the Lord’s Day. It was BBQ chicken all day long for the bless you boys. They didn’t give a rat’s ass who was playing quarterback for the Carolina Panthers either. It was a dominant showing by the black and gold in a game that had meaning for playoff seeding. Btw, AK is fine.

Saints Came Out Cooking

Sean Payton wasted very little time tappin’ that Panther ass. Drew Brees seemed noticeably irritable about the NFL Network’s tragic all-time list. So pissed that he came to Carolina with a big set of nuts and just dropped pig rocks all over their stadium. Everybody got in, Drew went to Jared again. What a stout ass season for this guy Jared Cook. He turned out great.

We Can Keep This Short

Brees had 253 yards, and a casual three touchdowns for the haters. New Orleans forced three turnovers and destroyed two separate quarterbacks in one outing. It will be a long spring and summer for the Carolina Panthers. Just another tremendous season for the man with the golden arm. Here is some literature for all of the unconscious fella’s who don’t seem to get it.

NFL All-Time Dweebs…

Saints win the game 42-10. Drew slays again, while all-time dweebs stay sleeping in a closet. Saints will now hope for the best scenario possible to happen tonight. That would be the Seahawks beating the 49ers in Seattle. The return of Marshawn fucking Lynch. This could be great television. Green Bay just secured the one seed in the NFC. That poor lions QB won’t win the truck. However, San Francisco can still shit the bed. That would give New Orleans the two seed in the playoffs. Regardless, they are one step closer to claiming that second Super Bowl in franchise history…


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