Saw Is Back, It’s Called Spiral, And Here Is What Ya Need To Know

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Saw is Back

Saw is back (Spiral) and finally we have something that has an actual chance of making us piss our pants. Roll the trailer…

Chris Rock & Samuel L. Jackson
Spiral releases May 17th

Scary movies just haven’t been working out in actually scaring mayo as of late. It’s been more realistic screenplay with deep meaning, which is fine.

Everybody loves Chris for bringing this back.

These dudes in SAW are unrealistically fucked and have to play a game with a fucking creepy clown to make amends.

speaking of jigsaw LOL

Shit is unlike anything, but this is coming from someone who also loves the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ series as well. I’m into the masked characters that have a somewhat fictional or completely fictional history.

  • Strangers
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • SAW

Are all up my alley.

Which is why this shit should be fucking stellar considering Chris Rock is the lead actor along with Samuel L. Jackson. Chris Rock was one of the producers on the upcoming film. I mean, I’m just fucking sold.

Samuel L. Jackson fucking around with some fucked up horror game sounds like fantastic screenplay.

It gets better,

21 Savage

That is correct.



Is the feature on the soundtrack.

Ya can’t coach that correlation right there.


& ya can’t coach knowing who to call when shit hits the fucking fan. Professional common folks is who ya call. That’s exactly what we got here with Domingue Law Firm. Thank mayo later when they keep ya outta jail.

See y’all tonight for HTM Undressed 214,


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