Scuttlebutt Gentlemen’s Club Has Had Their Last Dance

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Scuttlebutt Gentlemen's Club

If Louisiana had a Monopoly board, you gotta think Scuttlebutt Gentlemen’s Club would be the Baltic Avenue. Low risk, low pressure, but potentially above average experience.

Tweets galore on SB

We all knew about this notorious Slidell establishment, even if ya never actually walked inside of it. Some folks didn’t even realize they were in Slidell till they saw this mfer. The ole pink brick and mortar strip club stands out in most minds for many reasons.

They say location is everything and Scuttlebutt knew that more than most. Pleasantly located off I-10 next to a Walmart and a shitty motel, Scuttle wasn’t here to stick their chest out. They were, but not in an arrogant way. Stories that you can only tell by going to Scuttle’s.

Personally, I never went. That was okay by me, until the news dropped recently that SB’s had their last dance. I think that stings us all.

Good Times

Lotta shit talking about this place in the many years it was operating, but then again there is a ton of positive takes on it.

“The prices are reasonable and the drinks are cold, I can’t think of any establishment  between New Orleans and Tuscaloosa that I’d rather be.”

Said Ben, from Nashville on YELP in the reviews.

“Table dances are 25 per song with frequent 2-for-1 specials on dances. Drink prices are moderate and what you would expect and made well. Building is clean with a no frills kind of atmosphere. Definitely a place to have a good time.”

Said Brannon, from New Orleans on YELP in the reviews.

The word “childhood” comes up…

Folks stopped for lunch, dinner and dessert for what seems like a half a century at Scuttles. Like J Cole said in “A Lot”, Everybody got their thing.

I heard they had solid food. Also heard they had tradition on the menu, can’t confirm. But, everything I ever heard about Scuttlebutt’s was usually entertaining and memorable. Folks found love…

For the second time…

Birthday celebrations were had…

All inside this pink brick atmosphere. Stories that will make ya scratch ya head, inside this pink brick atmosphere.

What They Say Though?

But, somebody who I don’t remember always told me that if they talking, you may have something good going on. Somebody also told me that we here for a good time, not a long time. May we forever remember a place that gave folks moments they couldn’t forget. Nobody knows for sure why the doors have shut for good, but we can only wonder about the people who may have stories to tell.

Turns out in the end, whoever went made memories that not all will be able to obtain before the next life. Solid decision made when looking back. I’m sure SB’s will be off the interstate by a Walmart sitting there in heaven waiting on ya first $25 when ya get there. True locals mourn on this day.

RIP Scuttlebutt Gentlemen’s Club

SB’s was a gamechanger in their own respective right. Here goes another gamechanger for ya while ya out getting blasted. Use my code and save 20% on GameChanger hangover patches. I’ve used them several times and the shit works. Don’t get 12/10 blasted and search for a miracle, just use them in reasonable fashion.


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