Shakira Steals The Half Time Show From JLo

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Super Bowl Half Time

Shakira Steals The Show

The Superbowl half time show may be more anticipated than the actual football game that draws people to their televisions. This year, JLo and Shakira were the headliners for Super Bowl LIV. But before I get into their performance, let’s talk about Demi Lovato and her rendition of the National Anthem.

Demi Lovato singing the Star Spangled Banner at Super Bowl LIV

The Rebirth of Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato, dressed in all white, NAILED her performance! What a comeback this beauty has made since her drug overdose. I truly can not recall a Super Bowl where the singer for the national anthem received nothing but praise! Demi is back, consider her a contender to headline a half time show sooner rather than later!

The Main Event

Shakira, and an obnoxious amount of back up dancers took the stage first in a sassy red dress before JLo graced us with her star power presence. Shakira’s performance was very Latin inspired, and rapper Bad Bunny joined her. She was spot on in both her singing, dancing, and guitar skills. She crowed surfed and you could tell she was actually singing! JLo has a lot to live up to following that fantastic show!

Waiting for Tonight

Jenny from the block looked better than ever in a black leather jumpsuit that left very little to the imagination. JLo changed into an even skimpier silver bodysuit and belted out her well-known song “Waiting for Tonight” before being joined by rapper J Balvin. It seemed that JLo might have been lip-syncing so she could focus more on her dancing- I did not get that from Shakira at all. JLo took this half time show opportunity to showcase her dancing rather than her vocals, in my opinion.

Shakira and JLo during their Pepsi half time performance

Let’s Get Loud

Shakira played the drums while JLo’s daughter, Emme and a children chorus joined JLo in singing “Let’s Get Loud.” JLo came out in a Puerto Rican flag, which was later displayed by her back up dancers. The two headliners finished the show out by proving their hips don’t lie with some incredible dance moves.

Not the Best Half Time Show…

I give this Super Bowl performance a solid B; if Shakira had not been a part of it, this show would’ve been nothing more than a performance we’ve seen on Dancing With The Stars. It will always be hard to top the killer show that Bruno Mars put on during Super Bowl 48!

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