Shall We Take Another Glimpse At Falkor The Luck Dragon?

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Can we take another look at Falkor The Luck Dragon?

Something makes me feel like I woke up yesterday and got my first glimpse at Falkor The Luck Dragon.

Which is far from the truth, kinda. Born in 1992, the weirdest fucking film ever released before my lifetime was indeed “The Neverending Story” in 1984. Hands down, I remember watching.


Before Further Elaborating On That Big Headed Bastard…

Little mayo was watching this phenomenon in his most infant of stages eating cheeseballs and shitting diapers. Hardly remember the flick in its entirety.

More On N.E.S.

  • Box Office: $100 million
  • Budget: $60 million
  • Setting: Fantasy world called “Fantasia”
  • Bastian Bux is the kid who read the book.
  • Filmed by Wolfgang Peterson.
Can’t find this fella w/ a search warrant in 2020.
  • The book has Fantasia inside of it and a whole entire journey filled with trippy wolf-like creatures and little warriors.

Back To Falkor

Observe this son of a bitch right here. That head weighing in at 200 fat ones with a side of airplane steel.

The most interesting thing ever…
Get a nice glimpse at Falkor.

Falkor seems as if he could easily take out and destroy any of the following…


So much fucking tighter looking than GMORK.

Gmork, honestly idk. I’ll have to re-watch.

Whose gonna tell this guy to fuck off or that he got it wrong? Again, I’d like to emphasize the dome on the Luck Dragon.

Falkor Facts

Two models were built for Falkor
This one seems to be the one with a huge fucking head.
  • Two models built.
  • One did have a 200 pound HEAD.

In The Story
Falkor is…

  • One very wise Luck Dragon.
  • Friendly fella.
  • He can sleep while flying.
  • 43 feet long.
  • Came from Sky Haven in Fantasia.
  • Signature is the wink.
  • Fucks w/ Bastian hard.

Anybody tryna re-watch this 1984 piece of work? Also, who has thought about mushrooms at least once already during this article?


“Lemme Make MY Dog Look Like Falkor”

Ya should’ve known it was coming or already came in waves. Not a true weird looking, fictional son of a bitch unless it gets replicated in the real world.

Exhibit A:

Poor fella.

Exhibit B:

A little better.

Exhibit C:

Idk… better than first.
The first fucking makes me cringe.

This was one of the most entertaining times I’ve had in research since becoming a non-professional journalist.

Thank you Wolfgang Peterson.

Undressed Tonight?

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HTM Undressed 146
Last night in SpreadQuarters.

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Expert Air

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