SHOCKING: Zion Williamson may have received money to play at Duke

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SCANDAL: In a turn of events that nobody saw coming, reports are being released that superstar Zion Williamson received benefits, deemed illegal by the NCAA, to play basketball at Duke. Zion was the most highly recruited high school basketball player in the history of ever, so why did he choose Duke? I’ll tell ya why, and it is the root of all evil: MONEY. It has been rumored ever since Zion landed that Duke that there was foul play involved. If these allegations are true, what does this mean for Zion, Duke, and the shit show they call the NCAA? I dabble in some hardcore investigative journalism to get the answers we deserve.

Quick history of the Zion recruiting trail

Out of Spartanburg Day School, Zion Williamson was one of, if not the most, highest rated recruits ever. The things this man was able to accomplish only in high school was other worldly. With electric dunks, explosive blocks, and extreme athleticism, Zion was already being compared to the likes of Lebron James.

Every college, even those who didn’t have a chance in hell, wanted a piece of the Zion cake. Wofford offered him a scholarship as a freshman in high school. At the end of his sophomore season, he had 16 Division I college offers. LSU even offered him a football scholarship as a tight end as well. Imagine the Burrow to Zion connection, well, a man can dream anyways. Many believed he would play in his home state at Clemson. But in the end, all signs pointed at Zion attending Kansas, however, that is until Duke showed up out of the blue and snatched him away. He went on to play at Duke, well, you know what happens after that.

Rumor has it…

Many were confused to why Zion chose Duke. Although Duke has a prestigious history when it comes to basketball (and not lacrosse), the masses wondered how Duke was able to land the top three recruits in the same class. Obviously, there were those who were screaming that Duke was paying them to attend. I’m assuming a lot of the bitching came from North Carolina fans.

Although they lost in the Elite Eight of March Madness, Zion went about his business at Duke in dominating fashion. Drafted first overall by my New Orleans Pelicans, he was set up to immediately make some noise in the NBA. In June of 2019, Zion and family sued Ford and Prime Sports Marketing, his marketing agency, to terminate his five year contract. However, they sued back, seeking $100 million for damages caused by termination of contract. Today, more and more allegations are coming out about the real reasons Zion chose to attend Duke.

Dirty, dirty details

Understandably salty, Ford and Prime Sports Marketing have come forward and asked Zion to admit to the following:

  •  Zion’s mother and step dad received payments from agents acting on behalf of Duke, and Nike to attend school at Duke.
  • They demanded the same amount of payments from Adidas.
  • A NCAA-certified agent gave the Williamson’s benefits on multiple occasions between 2014 and 2019.
  • Give up the addresses of his parents households along with landlord’s names and monthly rent payments while he attended Duke.
  • Zion’s stepfather asked for jobs, money, and housing in order to sway Zion toward Kansas.
  • That Nike wanted to “cripple Adidas” and pay him a sum of $35,000 to play in Nike’s summer league

That a whole lot of shit to admit to. Those are serious allegations against Zion. I do not know what kind of punishment that will happen to Zion or Duke if he admits to this. They entire NCAA system is broken. Schools can’t pay players to come there, so how in the world does a school land top prospects? It’s called dirty money. I do know one thing, it is oddly suspicious that Zion signed with Duke, a Nike school, and then decided to jump on the Jordan brand, which is also owned by Nike, when he made it to the NBA. But I will never slander my King.

The Wheel has and will continue to turn

The way that the NCAA is organized allows for this kind of behavior to happen. They are set up in a way where that if you don’t think you can land the star player, then you can just go behind the backs of the entire operation to pay them. Every big time player gets paid. It is kind of a law, like dinosaurs or hot girls driving Volkswagen Jettas. This isn’t the first time it has happened, and it certainly is not the last. Colleges get caught doing these kind of things all the time, and all they usually get is a slap on the wrist. Enter Exhibit A:

There are literally wire taps of LSU basketball coach Will Wade discussing a “strong ass offer” to land Javonte Smart, a highly sought-after recruit. Wade literally said that they would be paying him more than the G-League. What happened to Wade? Absolutely nothing. LSU suspended him for a few games but the NCAA couldn’t find enough evidence to incriminate him. Good, because Will Wade will have no slander here as well. That is the example of the wheel. The wheel that has ruled NCAAB for decades. I can list the plethora of other ways about how fucked up the NCAA is, but I’ll take a rain check on that. Maybe one day we will find someone who is competent enough to break that wheel and end the pay for play that has plagued this league.

So, Trainwreck, what is going to happen going forward?

After taking a look a the cold-hard facts, it is tough to say what is going to happen going forward if Zion admits to the allegations. I am not saying he did it or didn’t do it, but this can hurt not only his personal reputation, but Duke’s as well. The NCAA’s reputation is already fucked enough so we don’t have to worry about that. I think if these allegations are true, Zion will probably have to pay a fine out the wazoo. It will probably hurt his bank account, but I’m sure his millions in endorsements will help cover that. Duke, however, might get the shit end of the stick. A lot of people will be fired, hell, they may even be placed on a postseason ban. Like I said, I don’t know how the punishments work, and apparently neither does the NCAA.

That’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Hey, who knows, I may have a career in investigative journalism. If you think I do, then you need to see a mental health professional.

Hold It.

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