Small Market, Big Market, Who Gives a Shit?

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Who gives a shit?

Who gives a flying shit about what happened then? We live in a world that forgets what you did great yesterday, remembers exactly when you shit the bed the day before, and will never forget when you made the worst decision of your life. I’ve learned to personally accept that life won’t pat you on the back or the ass when you achieve greatness. 

Only New York…

Those great achievements become lagniappe unless you are New York City. These guys live under an entire different philosophy that will blow your mind if you haven’t already caught this incredible drift. They believe they will win every year, they spend money as if they will win every year, and they have consistently added to the historical demise that is “New York” sports for the last decade plus on earth.

New York State of Mind

Only in New York can you lose in every way, shape, or fashion and still be considered hot conversation. “Aw well, Devin what about the Yankees?”  Yeah you right and that is the one team I’ve always followed and enjoyed watching from New York. They have spent every last damn dollar on remaining relevant and pursuing championships. Yet, even the Yankees are a blast from the past at this point. Yanks do have a great shot to make it happen this year in the MLB postseason. I’d be more than happy for New York if the Yankees can make a magic run. 

Red Sox Fans, Don’t Even…

Also, I’d be the first person to tell a Boston Red Sox fan to piss off and have a nice day.  It’s been nearly 10 years since the Yankees last championship win against Philly.  The Yankees haven’t  won a World Series since 2009 and Hideki Matsui. Time flies, New York. Time flies, guys. Knicks, Nets, Giants, Jets cap off the New York sports shit show. The Rangers are a squad that can be defended in this argument for sure, no problem. 

What Ya Got?

So what does that leave you with? What in the blue hell gives us clarity that New York can walk in these big market shoes currently? Well, let’s dive into this shit storm of a blast from the past. Do you mind?

New York teams the last 10 years:

  • New York Knicks
    • 3 postseason appearances
    • 1 postseason win
    • 6 coaches
    • 5 top 10 picks (2009, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019)
    • 3 winning seasons
  • New York Giants
    • 2 postseason appearances
    • 1  Super Bowl
    • 4 head coaches
    • 4 winning seasons
    • 4 top 10 picks
    • Two ROY’s
  • New York Jets
    • 2 postseason appearances
    • 4 postseason wins
    • 6 top 10 picks
    • 3 winning seasons
    • 1 ROY
  • New York College Sports
    • Disaster
    • Spare me

*I’ll exclude the Yankees and Rangers because both of them have still contended despite the both not achieving the ultimate goal of winning a championship in recent years. If this is what big market winning looks like then I’ll go ahead and close my eyes. Now let’s really dive into this disaster and look at some more angles that prove “Big Market” doesn’t correlate to “Big Winning.”

New York Population: Nearly 20 million for the entire state, roughly 8-9 million for New York City alone.

New Orleans Population: Pushing a hefty 400,000 people for the city of New Orleans.

NFL TV Ratings: New Orleans stays in the top 5 when it comes to TV ratings, New York at the very bottom consistently.

Small Market Scoop:

New Orleans Saints: 6 postseason appearances, 7 postseason wins, 1 Super Bowl, 6 winning seasons, and 0 top ten picks.

New Orleans Pelicans: 7 postseason appearances since basketball was brought back to New Orleans in 2002, 3 since 2009 with one sweep of the Trailblazers in recent.

LSU Football: New York college sports and LSU anything doesn’t even belong in the same article…

*Don’t get me started on player salary comparisons, New York makes Mickey Loomis look like he’s saving enough money to buy the moon.

Blast from the Past

Just like most things in New York sports,  it is all derived from nostalgic past times. As of now, New York is just a huge mess of a population with nothing to show for their competitive efforts in the sports world. “Small Markets” are whooping the piss out of these big market bozos. The days of dudes going to New York to play football and basketball are dwindling. Small markets are prevailing and thriving among the top big market assholes when it comes to sports.

The Hype…

 The hype is gone. The facts are on the table, and Los Angeles you are next on my list. As for now, it seems as if New York is living in the past listening to old Frank Sinatra.

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