Smash Or Pass? Lady Gaga Rains On You

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This weeks smash or pass starts with Lady Gaga

Lemme start by saying “Rain On Me” by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande fucking slaps and I’m thrilled to have Gaga on Smash or Pass. Look, I cannot say Lady Gaga’s music sucks at all. It’s super weird, yet superb and catchy music. What ya think?

“come, come, come unwrap me.”

That isn’t why people are gonna read this blog. Nobody gives a real shit about Bad Romance by Lady Gaga in my small local following. If they do, well…just know I fuck with the song too don’t feel bad.

  • 11 Grammys
  • 18 MTV Video Music Awards
  • 3 Britt Awards
  • 2 Golden Globes
  • 1 Academy Award
  • Whatever the fuck a BAFTA is
  • Guinness World Records
  • 100’s of millions of records sold
  • 100’s of millions of tour dollars
Gaga and her hubby, Michael Polansky.
Excuse me,
Michael “Patigonia” Polansky
Co-creator of “The Foundation” w/ Sean Parker.
Remember Sean? Watch Social Network.

Gaga could spend you from her tub on an iPhone.

Especially with this fella on her side.

This is the fucking Queen of Pop.

Would you pop is the question that needs answering.

Smash or Pass? Lady Gaga

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