Smash Or Pass? Save The Date With Hope Solo

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Smash Or Pass presents Hope Solo as the next nominee.

Let’s continue the ever growing cheek clapping series with Hope Solo on Smash or Pass this week.

HTM Undressed on Twitter

May be an easy debate for most, but some seem to have an issue here with Miss Solo. Don’t really get it.

Unique S.O.P. nominee right here…

I coulda gave y’all Rapinoe, but figured she’d have a full blown fucking lawsuit sent over to SpreadQuarters by 6:00 pm today. That was something we weren’t ready to deal with on RB&R Day.

This picture as long as the blog space.
Whatcha thinking?

Good gawd have mercy. Them legs longer than a chick-fi-la line on a Saturday in Mandeville. Solo by no means is out here raising rod’s like Alex Morgan, but I’m just not gonna be the fella to not shoot at Hope. But, while we on the topic of shots…

Hope Solo with her husband Jerramy Stevens (Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

Remember Jerramy? Played tight end for the Seahawks and probably one of the most highly touted mobile drinkers.

Fella dead ass drove a U.S. Soccer Team van while shit faced. Impeccable decision making.

Solo and Stevens are currently living their best life.


Hope Solo prolly won’t respond to ya mention as she does have a pretty impactful presence on media.

  • Twitter: 1.1 million followers
  • Instagram: 1 million followers

There is clout to be caught if ya into that.

Read Solo’s book, SOLO.

United Smoke Shows Of America


  • Alex Morgan (may not be active)
  • Julie Ertz (may not be active)
  • Ali Krieger (active)

That’s the three for mayo.

Lawd forbid Miss Solo or Emperor Rapinoe ever see this piece. I’ve only risked my entire life and finances to be able to write on whatever the fuck comes to mind. Nothing but great intentions here for entertainment and common man conversation.

The ladies on the soccer team may not approve, but this is transparent and authentic. No further explanation.

Also, no further explanation on why ya should head to Ben’s Burgers today. Best fucking menu in the game.

2008 Clearview Pkwy.
Metairie, LA
  • Burgers
  • Nuggets
  • Hot-Dogs
  • Funnel Cake Fries
  • Milkshakes
  • Onion Rings
  • Chicken Sandwiches

Man, this shit is fucking duffy.

Eat Ben’s.


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