Smash Or Pass Vol. 1: Amy Schumer Batting Lead Off

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Smash or Pass Vol. 1: Amy Schumer

HTM presents “Smash or Pass” in a move to pep up our gracious Holders United community. The group seemed like they were desperately seeking some sort of heart felt and authentic entertainment during a local bye week.

Votes as of Sunday 5:07 PM
“Smash or Pass Vol. 1”

Seek no further, I’ve decided to begin a never ending series of debatable toss ups.


Ultimate Goal: Make ya really think…

Smash or Pass?

Wasn’t hard for me to pass on this one and there should be no reason why other than I’m passing and the Schumer experience seems a little too extra for the mayo man.

After all, ya can’t smash everyone ever presented to ya. Don’t guilt trip me or you can go smash the guy or gal that served ya a #4 at Rally’s earlier. What about the he/she whom took ya five dollars at the toll? Ole lady or man at Hooters cooking wings.

Ladies, y’all letting Sid smash?

Ah, this is already a beautiful thing…

Would you smash or pass on Amy Schumer?

Smashing or Passing?

Let mayo know.

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