So Wait, Dan Bilzerian Really Just Fizzled Like That? Aw Lawd

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Dan Bilzerian really just fizzled like that.

Might be late to the party, but seeing that Dan Bilzerian hasn’t made a single instagram post since Christmas is quite a red flag. The same mega man that soaked up likes, comments, titties, and champagne hasn’t posted since Santa came? Nah, dawg. Right after that blew my mind, I then just did what most Americans would do at that point and searched Dan Bilzerian in google. That was about as hard as the process got as his apparent struggles were throwing themselves at my eyes on the first page.

Dan Bilzerian really gone?

One 35 minute (somewhat biased) video later from some dude who clearly hates Dan had me intrigued. Then I watched another, and another, and another. Correlate the no posts on Insta to the said struggles from his critics and ya know something is fucking fucked with Dan Bilzerian.

Watch This Video
It’s somewhat biased, but intriguing.

The fella ‘J Aubrey’ really put together a very compelling YouTube video that seems believable for the most part. Again, no posts from Dan since December 2020. Over 32.6 million douchebags following Dan just sit and wait for Dan’s next big dick post.

I don’t wanna sit here and act like I have any ill will towards Bilzerian. But, I do wanna sit here and say that we all know a fella like Dan. They just didn’t get as far as Dan has gotten, like not even close.

photoshopped Cardi B’s stomach?

But, the exaggeration and out of this world statements do remind of us at least one person we have crossed paths with throughout life.

Danny Deets

  • Dan claims to have spent four years in the Navy Seals and went through 510 days of seals training with two broken legs.
  • Video above shows him struggling to put a Jet-ski in the water. (7:00)
  • Never officially became a Navy Seal, got kicked out two days before completing the training and graduating. Dan claims it was for no “real reason” though.
  • Went back to college, joined a frat, and was receiving G.I. Bill along with other grants. This is from his mouth.
  • Paid over 1 million to be in Lone Survivor for eight minutes that was eventually cut down to one minute. Dan later tried to sue production.
  • Then, Poker…
Dan will ask a pregnant woman to open the door for Dan.

The richest poker player in the world. Well, that’s what Bilzerian would tell ya. Real experts of poker question it all and so will you if ya hear Danny say how much he made from Poker alone. Dude straight up told Larry King that he made 50 million on one fucking game of poker.

Poker Players Don’t Make That Much Money!

He told a legend that bullshit. He’s been seen in maybe a handful of public poker games and claims to have made his biggest return with online poker games that are not even traceable. Sheesh. Let’s talk about where we think the money really came from before it clearly went away.

One of Dan’s only regular looking posts.
Also, one of his first ever in 2012.

Trust Funds?

You betcha! Dan’s father was an INSIDE TRADER and a convicted felon for his nifty work in the stock market back in the 80’s. However, Paul Bilzerian may have just placed the money he made from scamming the stock market into private funds for both Dan and his brother Adam. Nobody knows or can prove this, but the access of the money started around 2012 and that is about when the rise of Dan Bilzerian started on Instagram.

We’ll never really know, or maybe one day it will become more apparent what carried Dan Bilzerian’s dreamy lifestyle for ten years. I mean ya don’t smush over 10,000 women without something backing it up and it seems really obvious at this point that Poker, CBD, and Vodka wasn’t exactly paying the bills like we may have thought.

We also know for a fact he does not live in that fantastic mansion anymore. IGNITE, the company that Dan Bilzerian was behind, had loss $50 MILLION dollars in their first year. Welp, with a hefty lease price of $200,000 a month on the mansion getting sent over to some dumb ass at IGNITE signing checks, I could see why the loss was so impactful.

May the earth be kind to Dan going forward. Sources say he’s filed for bankruptcy and fled the USA at this point. I’ll believe it when he posts it. Lastly, never forget Dan left this chick Sofia Bevarly.

Check back in later,

Dan could probably use a lawyer.
Domingue Law Firm is the pick for anyone trying to actually get out of their shitty faults. Dan would not be that guy.


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