Somebody Gonna Need To Wake Curtis Blaydes Up For Church

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Wake Curtis Blaydes Up

It’s time to wake Curtis Blaydes after months of the national media riding his mediocre train into the tragedy that struck in the form of a black beast last night.

Derrick Lewis remained calm and composed looking for one punch that would put an end to the hype known as Curtis Blaydes.

Oh Robbie, we found out bud.

Recently spoke of that hype in my previous blog and still stand by it. Curtis just hasn’t shown me that he is anything more than an extravagant wrestler with good enough technique to ground and pound majority of the fighters in the division. So what happened last night?

Millions would have said he’d have Derrick Lewis down on the mat within 30 seconds, but I guess in hindsight that not happening was extremely fatal for Blaydes.

down goes the wrestler.

Last night mayo went 4/5 in fight selections.

Moving Forward

Looked at this shit relentlessly all week long, so it’s nice to see it pay off and get us rolling. With that being said mayo will be live here shortly on Hold The Mayo facebook to recap last nights fuckery and talk about future wagers. HTM Undressed is back tonight at 10:00 also on mayo facebook. (click here)

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