Someone Take Conor McGregor’s Phone, He Will Not Stop Posting

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Someone Take McGregor's Phone

Who gonna do us all a service by taking McGregor’s phone and chunking it into the nearest body of water. Conor has not stopped tweeting the last few days about himself. For as much money as McGregor is worth, this content fucking blows. Especially, when ya consider the whole 3-3 in the UFC thing since 2016.

speaking on Khabib, a man who mauled him.

That is five years and go ahead and add a boxing L to it as well. The content just doesn’t support that change is coming anytime soon.

lol, Donald is an aged and diminished man by this fight.

That is borderline disrespectful to retweet ^

Proves zero point to Khabib.

Conor continues to fly in his own clouds…

ooook, sounds like a guy who is stoked cause he just maybe is about to get fed an easy opponent.

McGregor’s Phone Usage Way High

Ok look man,

I’m not even a Conor McGregor hater.

Between Jon Jones and McGregor, I just don’t know which one is more annoying as beatable fighters in 2021.

Wait, another one…

lol, this fucking guy.
Big ole bacon head.

Most likely Jon Jones is more annoying. For sure, considering he blocked mayo after his nerves facing Derrick Lewis were exposed on his own threads. But, Conor needs to be tweeting about knocking a contender in their face. If he can knock out:

  • Michael Chandler
  • Charles Oliveira
  • Justin Gaethje
  • Dustin Poirier

Until then, all we should see is gym tweets.

But nah,

McGregor wants to reminisce.

requesting ruby gold belts made.

Nate’s Yacht

Conor is currently tweeting about boat sizes.

sign these fucking dudes up for fight three.
They both bout in the same spot honestly.

Nate was just booked to fight Leon Edwards, but let’s not get outta 2021 without Conor vs. Nate III. Just let it happen because honestly neither one of them are gonna get the title again. It would cap off one of, if not the greatest rivalry in UFC history and a clear winner would prevail 2-1.


Dude has to be fucking tanked right now.

His responses to Nate Diaz are impeccable.

lol, like what!

One cannot deny how tight it would be to just do one fantastic thing after another, but again! This literally looks like somebody who is gonna get knocked out again this year. Did he not say he wanted to compete actively during 2021? HAHA, I’m fucking joked out right now Conor.


He’s the funniest fucking guy in the UFC.

Where does this go and what does this mean? No fucking clue.

Just like I have no clue what this means:

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