Spread The Nugs: A Higher Performance

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Spread The Nugs

Tuesday is a perfect day to get high and spread the nugs when it comes to our brothers who stay stoned and performing. Over the years many great athletes have come and gone but these guys have taken their careers to HIGHER places…

High Athletes, High Levels


First on our list is Ross Rebagliati, a Canadian snowboarder who took home the Gold Medal at the 98′ Olympic Winter Games in Japan. Snowboarders like to get high both mentally and physically. This guy was no different. After winning the gold, the Olympic Committee made a failed attempt to strip his accomplishment. After receiving his medal he tested positive for marijuana, the committee argued it to be a PED. How fucking insane is that?

Fortunately, for Mr. Rebagliati marijuana was not listed as a banned substance by The Olympic Committee at this time. He got to keep the well earned gold medal, since then become a life long advocate of Mary Jane!

Spread The Nug Bro List


Drive fast, smoke slow.

Next on our list is James Hunt, the one and only F1 Racing Champion of 1976. Legend has it that he spent the weeks leading up to his Championship race binged out on alcohol, coke and marijuana. It was reported that in this time frame he also made time to hook up with an outstanding 33 British Airway Stewardess! This dude shake and baked/wake and baked everyday. He had it down to a science and brought a new meaning to the “Mile High Club”. Fast as fuck…

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Third on the list in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Highest hook shot of all-time & the highest player of ALL – TIME?

  • NBA all – time leading scorer
  • 6x NBA Champion
  • 2x Finals MVP
  • 6x MVP
  • Rookie of the year (1970)
  • 19x All-Star
You know they blew down.
How legendary as fuck?

Kareem isn’t your typical pot smoker. He is not that frozen hippie or beach bum stigma. He brings a sense of class to this list, more sophistication. His original claim for being a pot head came after an arrest. Where he claimed his use was one of medical usage. He said to have really bad migraines that would give him nausea, so he smoked weed.

Stellar Smokers:

  • Tim Lincecum – 3x WS Winning Pitcher
  • Michael Phelps – “Hydro” Olympic Gold Swim Artist
  • Robert Parish – 4x NBA Champ
  • Santonio Holmes – Super Bowl XLII Champ & MVP

Advocate We Appreciate

Ricky Williams

Nah, it is IN the running for highest thing…

Y’all stay high…

Spread the nugs.

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