Spread The Nugs, Not Suspensions

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Not 1 but 2 UFC fighters are facing suspension and fines for failing an in competition marijuana test from their respective bouts back on May 30th.

I see this from two sides…


The Diaz brother notoriously smoke a ton of pot but obviously they can be clean come fight night. Then smoke their ass off right after a fight.


Marijuana being illegal in some places/situations is completely ignorant! More than half our country smokes and half of the places have legalized it. If fighters wanna be blitzed out of their minds before a fight by all means please do. They still perform at a HIGH level.

Fight Results From May 30th

  • Jamahal Hill beat Klidson Abreau by KO/TKO in R1 1:51
  • Tim Elliott beat Ryan Benoit by Unanimous Decision

Both fighters beat their opponents but they probably only won cause they were fighting at a HIGHER level than their competition right!?

This Is Not The UFC’s Fault!

Unfortunately the UFC has to follow the rules of The Nevada State Athletic Commission in this situation. I expect a strong push moving forward with the UFC and The Nevada State Athletic Commission working towards reforms on their marijuana rules. If fighter wanna be stoned during a fight let ’em.

The UFC has the absolute perfect advocate for this movement. He comes in the form of Joe blow Rogan with no Rogaine!

ME too, ME too…

Yall Stay High…

Hold it

Spread the nugs.

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