Steve-O’s Epic And Iconic Recovery Turns 13 Today, A Wild Ride

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Steve-O's Recovery

STEVE-O reaches 13 years on his recovery from being an absolute terror to society. The greatest celeb recovery I’ve personally ever seen documented. Incredible story, folks.

13 years
Steve-O Recovery Proof

Please be aware that this shit was deep and dark, so if this is the first time for whatever reason that you’ve seen this footage just know it’s rough and transparent.

this is part 3 of the entire documentary released years ago, but gives ya insight on what the fuck was really going on.

Many would consider Steve-O one of the craziest fucking dudes to ever walk the planet. By the time Steve was 17 he was slapping acid on his way to high school. Dude was born to fucking do stunts, film the stunts, and live the lifestyle that he thought correlated perfectly with it. Whatever it took to be famous was the plan.

he’s done it all.
  • broke his cheek bone, seven teeth, and his wrist by the time he was 20. All in one day.
  • homeless the next few years after that.
  • clown college was next.
  • coked up clown college.
  • Steve-O eats a goldfish.
  • Jackass/MTV calls.
check out this nostalgic CRIBS episode.

Prime Steve-O

Bam Margera was quoted saying “Steve would stay up for all the stunts he could do while awake for like four days and then crash for 48 hours.”

Running around kicking people in the nuts, Steve-O was gaining stardom by the episode on Jackass and would eventually do one of my favorite shows of all-time in WildBoyz.

hands down my favorite episode from Wild Ride Pod.

After That

After Wildboyz and Jackass were finished, Steve-O utilized his time cracking whippets, pissing off his neighbor, and filming the entire fucking experience. He even took up rapping and that’s when things got fucking horrific.

ketamine, whippets, cocaine, pcp

Tragedy for the epic stuntman and change was needed to save his life. I mean, look at this appearance on Carolla. That was some of the most eye opening shit.

craziest on screen shit you’ll ever see.
it was a fucking tragedy.

His family couldn’t get through to him, but who do ya think finally did?

Of course,

Johnny Knoxville.

Steve-O Recovery

and you know Knoxville is a good dude.
Jeff Tremaine as well played huge part.

And just to think….

Here we are 13 years later and Steve-O is one of the most inspirational human recoveries we’ve ever seen. Nobody can ever say that they can’t do it after watching this transformation. Now, possibly the coolest fucking cat on the planet earth. The Wild Ride Podcast is most certainly worth every second of ya time.

his latest episode that came out today.
Jackass legend Dave England joins.

Yes, he talks about shitting in the store.

Just turn on the episode with Chris Pontius and have a fantastic time. For me, this story is a true testament to will power and overcoming maximum adversity. The worst fucking situation possible turned inspirational.

the YouTube page he has fucking rocks.

It also turned very profitable and in my opinion shows that Steve-O is actually a fucking full blown transformed GENIUS. Now, imagine that 13 years ago? Congrats to the entire Steve-O recovery for prevailing.

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HTM Undressed

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HTM Undressed 204


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