Stop The Bullshit And Bring Back Creed Next Thanksgiving

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Bring Back Creed Next Thanksgiving

Enough of the Lions and Cowgirls it’s time to bring back Creed next Thanksgiving and give the people what they fucking want. This is a pure tragedy watching the Cowgirls lose another football game on Thanksgiving after watching the Lions do the same shortly before. It’s like watching a building burn down ya never cared about.

When I say tragedy I mean there is nothing entertaining about these double-diaper doozies. AT LEAST, when the Cowgirls were getting their ass pummeled in the early 2000’s they brought the fucking heat for half-time before most folks would leave in the 3rd. Hasn’t been the same since.

Make the call to Creed, Roger.
NFL Thanksgiving Halftime Show

Who performed at half on Thanksgiving today? Nobody fucking knows.

Bring Back Creed.

I was smoking a cig and couldn’t give a rat’s ass because at that very moment when the clock struck zero for halftime I could only think about one person, one legend.

Scott fucking Stapp
Creed Lead Singer


Call Scott up immediately. Even if it took nearly 20 fucking years to figure out this is the greatest half-time show in the history of booking, just do it. Scott isn’t doing shit besides counting the seconds down until he goes completely fucking nuts again.

Time may be of the essence.

But, never forget or act like ya did forget…ROGER! This shit it top notch priority and should be considered for upcoming Super Bowl’s as well. I mean… look at this.

Look how happy folks were…

May even be wise to approach Mr. Stapp with a long term deal for halftime bangers. Happy Thanksgiving.

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