Super Bowl Wrap Up

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Super Bowl Wrap Up

Another Super Bowl Sunday is in the books. It’s ‘the morning after’ and we are left with mixed emotions about what transpired last night. Was it good? Was it bad? We are talking MVPs, commercials, halftime shows and more! Let’s dive into this Super Bowl wrap up!

Pat Mahomes Sucks

Just kidding. He’s pretty good. However, he wasn’t worthy of the MVP trophy. After all, it was Mahomes who threw two interceptions and missed multiple open receivers. It was Mahomes’ mistakes that allowed San Fran to go up by ten in the first place. But we have to give the young QB who had an average game the trophy because it fits the storyline. Blah Blah Blah! Fuck that. You know who deserved the MVP!? Chris Jones! That’s who! My guy was in San Fran’s backfield all night with consistent pressure. Jones was the guy who forced a Jimmy G interception. He was also the guy who batted down THREE passes at the line of scrimmage. TWO of those deflections were in crunch time! Forget your narrative! Give the big man in the trenches the trophy, you cowards!

Did I mention Chris Jones called this Super Bowl win a year ago!?

Dude called his shot a year out and came through. LEGEND STATUS!

Best Super Bowl Commercial?

Were this year’s commercials great? Nah, not really. But there were some winners out of the bunch.

4th: #BabyNut

There were only going to be three, but this deserves an honorable mention for making me look up #babynut after seeing it trending on twitter. I missed this commercial while getting another Blue Moon. After watching it, the inclusion of Mr. Clean and the Kool-Aid Man was great. Making the world get #babynut trending is dirty and demented enough to make the list. Points were deducted for hoaxing a death. Poor timing, Planters.

3rd: The Sentimental Shit

We’re not gonna spend a lot of time here. Sometimes I’m just a sucker for getting hit in the feels. This made most of America think of their grandparents. That’s enough to earn a spot.

2nd: Tide Pod Charlie

The continuous story here really won the crowd over. Going back and forth through time was a little out there, but Charlie Day was funny enough to make it work. Plugging the new Wonderwoman movie was pretty sick. And, having Emily stain his shirt like 50 years “later,” after he finally gets it cleaned, was pretty awesome.

1st: Fix The World

This one takes the cake! First of all, kudos to Snickers for calling out the world for all their bullshit. Making men question their masculinity!? Love it! Picking fun at all the corny new baby names? HTM is here for it. Technology spying on you in plain sight? Gold! Calling out grown adults who still live with their parents in their 30s? This was amazing! They did an absolutely beautiful job of making fun of 95% of America. Fitting it into the narrative of feeding the world a candy bar to fix it all? Genius. Having the social media nitwits fall into the hole immediately after the world got fed the snickers was marvelous. Snickers was a bigger winner than the Chiefs.

How Was The Halftime Show?

I can appreciate a solid show. When I say show, I’m not talking about the type of show where we see Janet’s nipple. Beyonce in 2013 and U2 from 2002 are my top two as far as solid performances go. However, my absolute favorite halftime show, from any year, would be the 2001 halftime show. The insanity of putting NSYNC, Aerosmith, Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, Nelly, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, and more all in a blender and watching the beautiful atrocity that was created is a lasting memory that will be hard to top… ever!

That being said. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were okay. Just… okay. I wasn’t overly impressed. It wasn’t a beautiful disaster. So I was, naturally, a tad disappointed. But there was one special moment. We’ll always have this…

It Has To Be Mentioned

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