T-City Shaves His Head

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Brian Ortega Shaves His Head And Other Fight Island Happenings

Because I don’t like to spread false facts or gotcha style blogs, because let’s be real some of these “reporters” are actually bloggers, I waited to see why T-City shaved his head. Well, it seems he is donating it to Locks of Love, a charity other fighters like Brendan Allen had previously donated to.

Some bootleg “news” organizations first reported that “Brain Ortega Shaves His Head To Make Weight”. Now, don’t they look like shit? As Ortega shaved his head for children with cancer.

Ortega Vs Koren Zombie

This fight being the fourth of five for Fight Island stay part two. A few things that interest me about this fight.

  • It’s a title eliminator with the winner getting to fight Alexander Volkanovski.
  • Zabit and Yair are just left on the outside looking in, why not match them up against each other.
  • Both of these fighters are very good at getting punched in the face.
  • Both Fighter are high-level grapplers
  • T-City has never been KOd
  • Korean Zombie has never been submitted

So now I wonder how does this fight go down? Well when I think about high level grapplers fighting each other they rarely grapple. Most of the time they throw hands until one of them falls. Then I think about the fights these two have been in, well they both seem to prefer striking over grappling but use their grappling to open up opportunities. Point blank they stand in front of each other and throw hands. T-city via decision is what I’m calling here.

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