Brandon Browner: Where Is He Today?

Brandon Browner

There is nothing that can make The Who Dat Nation cringe quite like the name Brandon Browner. I’m sitting here two weeks into a quarantine pulling my hair out, reminiscing on a simpler time filled with football. We have had three straight seasons of heartbreak in New Orleans, but it doesn’t compare to the shit […]

The Next Taysom Hill?

Next Taysom Hill?

Sean Payton has been busy valiantly battling the “Corona Virus’. While doing so, he made sure that everyone knew that Taysom Hill will be the back up to Drew Brees this coming season. He and many others including myself feel that Taysom has earned this roster position. Coach Payton has said many times that they […]

The Big3 Might Be Back

Big 3 Is Back

In an unprecedented time with no sports to watch, Ice Cube is trying to be the saving grace. Since all sports have gotten canceled, I feel like I have been on a deserted island with no water. With all hope looking lost, there may be light at the end of the tunnel. The Big3 basketball […]

Todd Gurley Signs With The Atlanta Falcons

Gurley to Atlanta

It was announced this morning that, Todd Gurley is signing with the Atlanta Falcons. A one year deal will bring Gurley back to where he played his college ball. This has been a very strange start to free agency and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. The Falcons were a pile of hot garbage […]

Which HTM Member Contracts Covid-19 First?

Guess Who?

Covid-19 At The Spread-Quarters? The CDC seems to think it is inevitable we all get Covid-19. With the cancellation of sports for the foreseeable future. I wanna take the time to guess what Mayo Member gets it first. I will also give out the Odds of contraction to each member. Not At Risk 7) Young […]

Drew Brees Is Back

Drew Brees

Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints have just come to an agreement. A two year deal worth around 50 million dollars. At roughly $25 Million a year, this was a deal that was never in doubt. Both sides had already come out and said the deal would get done. Many think this will be […]

Tom Brady Says See Ya

Tom Brady

Tom Brady announced today on instagram that he will not be re-signing with the New England Patriots. The six time Super Bowl champion intends to try his hand at free agency. Well there it is, the end of an era. The Patriots have dominated the National Football League for basically 20 years now. Brady is […]

March Madness Memories

March madness memories

On a day that should have been filled with anticipation and excitement, we are stuck indoors with nothing but march madness memories. This virus has robbed us of the greatest sporting event of the year, and a gambling mans dream. As we all try to cope with this tragedy, and by tragedy I am referring […]

NCAA Saturday Winners

NCAA Saturday Picks

It’s Saturday, and if you have been following along, then you know what that means. Big Easy Bets is back with more NCAA Saturday winners. We have been absolutely on fire as of late. After going 2-1 on Tuesday, we are sitting at 24-14-2 and patiently waiting for this hot streak to come to an […]

Super Tuesday Bets

Super Tuesday Bets

It’s Tuesday and we all know what that means. I’m going to be completely honest with you, I’m hot as shit right now and I’m back with more Super Tuesday bets. We went 3-1 on Saturday and are now sitting at 9-1 in our last 10 plays. Overall, we are sitting at 22-13-2. If not […]