Biggest Single Elimination Tournament Upsets

One thing we all love about sports and single elimination tournaments in general are the upsets. On any given day, any given team can beat anyone. Here are just three of the biggest upsets in recent single elimination tournament memory. UMBC Makes History March Madness lived up to its name early in 2018. In the […]

5 Saints Memories to Relive During a Corona Quarantine

Before our eyes, the Coronavirus has caused the world to stop turning. Many of us are going to be spending a lot of time around the house with no sports to watch. We figured now would be a good time to grab some popcorn and relive, in no particular order, some of our favorite moments […]

Drew Brees Does Not Want to Break the Bank

The first question on all Saints fans’ minds when they heard that the G.O.A.T. was returning for his 20th season was, what kind of contract will he be looking for? Two years ago, Drew signed a two year, $50 million contract. Many expected Drew to be looking for a similar figure this time around. However, […]

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Update

New Orleans Saints' Quarterbacks on the sidelines

Well Saints fans, Sean Payton made an appearance on ESPN’s First Take. He was asked a number of questions, most of which revolved around the New Orleans Saints’ QB situation. There has been a lot of news going around on all three guys, so it seems to be a good time to give everyone an […]

Kobe Bryant’s Affect on Zion Williamson

Kobe Bryant and Zion Williamson prepare to shoot free throws

As we all know, Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest, most influential NBA players to ever live. He has had an affect on every player. He was crucial in aiding development in not only the NBA, but also the WNBA. To quote NBA vet Richard Jefferson, “Everyone is connected to Kobe in some way.” […]

NolaSportsHub’s Keys to the Contest: Wild Card

It is time. The playoffs are here. Our Saints are taking on the Vikings in the Wild Card round. We finished as the third seed, and the Vikings finished as the sixth seed, so the game is in the Dome. Here are three things we can do to help ensure we head through to the […]

NolaSportsHub’s Keys to the Contest: Week 17

The final week of the regular season is upon us, and there is still a lot on the line for the Saints. There a few different possibilities as to where the Saints will end up when the dust settles, but if they Saints want to move up to the second or even the first seed, […]

Joe Burrow Makes Magic

Someone better alert the proper authorities because I’m not sure that they allow magicians on the field. Joe Burrow, you are incredible.

NolaSportsHub’s Keys to the Contest: Week 16

It is game day once again for the New Orleans Saints. As always during this time of the season, it is a big game. Our guys will be playing against a desperate Titans team who are tied for the final playoff spot in the AFC playoff picture. Here are three things that the Saints can […]