Sean Payton Tells ESPN About Corona Diagnosis…

Sean Payton has tested positive for CoronaVirus.

In a recent news break from Schefter, Sean Payton has told ESPN that he has the CoronaVirus. Look, the guy writing this blog is a straight up wall runner for Coach Payton. This is some garbage ass news for me. No, I’m not saying that it took for me to take this shit serious. But, […]

Bridgewater Staying In The NFC South, Signing With Panthers.

Teddy Bridgewater headed to the Panthers.

Teddy Bridgewater will not be back in New Orleans next season. However, he is staying in the heated NFC South, as he is planning on signing a 3 year deal with the Carolina Panthers today. We gonna miss this one of a kind, warm hearted, phenomenal human being in New Orleans. We were not worthy […]

Drew Brees Is Back

Drew Brees

Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints have just come to an agreement. A two year deal worth around 50 million dollars. At roughly $25 Million a year, this was a deal that was never in doubt. Both sides had already come out and said the deal would get done. Many think this will be […]

5 Saints Memories to Relive During a Corona Quarantine

Before our eyes, the Coronavirus has caused the world to stop turning. Many of us are going to be spending a lot of time around the house with no sports to watch. We figured now would be a good time to grab some popcorn and relive, in no particular order, some of our favorite moments […]

Drew Brees Does Not Want to Break the Bank

The first question on all Saints fans’ minds when they heard that the G.O.A.T. was returning for his 20th season was, what kind of contract will he be looking for? Two years ago, Drew signed a two year, $50 million contract. Many expected Drew to be looking for a similar figure this time around. However, […]

Bronson Rechsteiner: Wrestling Pedigree. Future NFL Player.

Bronson Rechsteiner NFL Draft

Meet our new favorite fullback to replace Zach Line on the Saints roster. Bronson Rechsteiner. Zach Line retired this offseason leaving a hole in the Saints offense in his wake. Rechsteiner might be the right guy to plug that hole. This guy is a fucking bowling ball. Bronson Rechsteiner Bronson is what we call a […]

Taysom Hill Starting Over Teddy Bridgewater

Taysom Hill Starting Over Teddy Bridgewater

It would seem Taysom Hill is the next starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. This makes some fans VERY happy! However, a lot of the fan base is still #TeamTeddy. I get it. Teddy Bridgewater stepped in and did a fine job last season when Drew Brees got hurt. Teddy Went 5-0! Yeah, yeah, […]

Super Bowl Wrap Up

Super Bowl Wrap Up

Another Super Bowl Sunday is in the books. It’s ‘the morning after’ and we are left with mixed emotions about what transpired last night. Was it good? Was it bad? We are talking MVPs, commercials, halftime shows and more! Let’s dive into this Super Bowl wrap up! Pat Mahomes Sucks Just kidding. He’s pretty good. […]

Mike Thomas Is Backing That Contract Up Sweetheart

Mike Thomas Wins Offensive Player Of The Year

Mike Thomas is backing it up like the 99, 2000 boys and girls. The Saints star receiver got that PAPER last offseason, and fans haven’t thought about that gigantic contract since. Today, he became the second receiver in NFL history to win one of the most significant NFL season honors. Who is the other receiver? […]

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Update

New Orleans Saints' Quarterbacks on the sidelines

Well Saints fans, Sean Payton made an appearance on ESPN’s First Take. He was asked a number of questions, most of which revolved around the New Orleans Saints’ QB situation. There has been a lot of news going around on all three guys, so it seems to be a good time to give everyone an […]