Take These Four 2021 HTM Local NFL Future Odds And Let’s Ride Out

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Mayo Spreads NFL Divisional Table Servings

NFL future betting odds for 2021 is the obvious trend here in late August and there is no way mayo isn’t hopping in on this extravaganza. Let it be known there is a ton of disrespect on the board to scoop up and cash in way later down the road when clarity arrives this season.

Sean Payton is the key

My least favorite gossip in the world may be the gossip that happens before any real football plays have happened in the 2021 season. Folks really start reaching and forgetting actual reality for a sec.

this is basic, grocery store insight.

We can’t go off of tourist giving us information on local future props. Be a true local and go with what you’ve seen work. Sean Payton is gonna be Sean Payton. Which means he will utilize Kamara even if shit completely hits the fan health wise on that Saints roster. History shows that Kamara will be the best player on this football team and that Mickey Loomis/Sean Payton assemble winning football rosters.

Local NFL Future Four

The Local Four Visual

Let’s just knock that out now. The locals wanna get on the same page and find these potential winners when it comes to laying down some dollars with the who dat nation. Everybody gonna find at least one.

Referencing VegasInsider.com on this..

Saints Win Total

  • Saints win total (9 games)
    • +110 odds from FanDuel on the over.
    • -130 odds from FanDuel on the under.

Why would you not take over 9 games? Sean Payton wins ya seven games just being there as the head coach. So, you gotta find a way to validate that the Saints can win three more games via maybe the defense, Jameis, or playing the right team at the right time.

Taking the over at +110

Dual forecast that shit.

NFC South Odds

Currently they sit at:

  • Tampa Bay -190
  • New Orleans +325
  • Atlanta +800
  • Carolina +1000

I’m passing on all that to take a safe option that will almost certainly hit with Bucs/Saints dual forecast odds at -115 for either to win the division.

Dual forecast Bucs/Saints -115

AK to win MVP

Let’s ride.

These boys got Alvin Kamara at +10000 to win the MVP. Throw whatever ya got to spare in ya pocket on that prop. Why not? It’s a better prop than Jameis winning the MVP at +6600. Kamara is no average player. The fact that Kirk Cousins and Dalvin Cook both sit with +8000 upsets me enough to just throw $50 on that Kamara for MVP prop. Somebody gotta win one in New Orleans, I’ll go with Alvin to be the one.

Alvin Kamara +10000 to win MVP


Saints make playoffs +100

Saints make playoffs is at +100, we gonna slide that in the grocery basket and checkout. Make sure ya use ya local card to save points when defending these wagers against some asshole from up north.

2526 Canal Street
Greatest City in the World

Don’t let these wagers have you forgetting that Midas on Canal street can take care of all ya vehicles needs whenever ya need to bring it over. Ask for Vince DiVincent and let em know ya hold mayo. Trust that Midas touch this upcoming season or ya may not even get to the game fella.


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