Teams That May Call For Deshaun Watson Before NFL Trade Deadline

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The NFL trade deadline is just 28 days away and it seems more likely than ever that a team will make a move for Deshaun Watson. When ya look at this entire situation it has to be one of the weirdest scenarios the NFL has ever witnessed. The Texans are firm on playing some fella who works at party city before they play Watson.

Ya got a guy who is without a doubt a top ten, if not top five QB in the league sitting as the 12th QB on the worst team in the NFL’s roster. 22 alarming reasons for not playing him, but as of now a dude with a 104.5 career rating at QB can’t be found with a search warrant.

Key: He has to be indicted by a grand jury before the NFL can levy any punishment against Watson.

Whatever happens, fucking happens.

  • He goes to another team, balls out, beats charges, and that team who went after him looks like geniuses.
  • He goes to another team, balls out, loses to the off the field battle, the risk doesn’t pay off and that team looks like fucking imbeciles who had a massage lady lover as their star player.

Who Takes The Risk?

Let’s dive into this puzzle of a situation.

The Dolphins

They can’t catch a break with Tua and Justin Herbert going the fuck off every week isn’t helping them sleep any better. Taking the shot on Deshaun would be the most Dolphin thing ever. They have NOT had a QB to dive into the future with since Dan Marino. It’s an issue and the patience has to be wearing thin enough not to care about the 20+ sexual allegations against Deshaun Watson.

Pair him back up with Will Fuller and call it a fucking day. I’m sure the Texans would love to have Jacoby Brisset and a couple picks. They have no earthly clue what they are doing over there.

The Fucking Jets

Nothing is more Dolphin than something more Jet. Idk if that makes sense, but the fucking Jets are the reigning champs for making more than questionable moves at QB. Let’s go down the list:

  • Sanchez (it was a good time)
  • Geno Smith
  • Sam Darnold
  • Bryce Petty
  • Luke Falk
  • Joe Flacco
  • Zach Wilson

Wilson did do enough to take over New York’s heart this past weekend, but how long will it last? Any trade would involve Zach.

Paging Urban?

What better combo than these two? Urban and Deshaun, the two horniest dudes in Jacksonville to be. I personally think this would be the most successful move for Deshaun. Pairing up with a beat down, but wreckless Urban Meyer sounds like a football story waiting to turn gold.

The same folks that get Urban out of everything can probably defend Deshaun in his current case. Don’t sleep on the Jags making the move and telling Trevor Lawrence to sit and learn behind Deshaun while they wait to see what happens in his whole investigation.

The Saints?

Nah, it’s not happening. The Winston Wagon all the fucking way idc if the wheels fall off and we can’t find any more wheels.

But, what if the Winston Wagon just couldn’t get right? It got so bad that we had to park it and seek immediate relief….what if?

Prison Pigskin/The Eagles

The last option is just the reality of things. Watson is facing a ton of obstacles and there hasn’t been much said on it not being or it being factual. The allegations are just there and he’s just not been on the field as a starting quarterback since. Deshaun may eventually be throwing the rock to Big Deion and Skinny Seth in a correctional facility.

Playing QB for the Eagles is probably worse than playing in the yard at a correctional facility. These folks just don’t get it out there. Why in the fuck would you want to entertain a trade for a QB when Jalen Hurts has proven he is quite dynamic at the position? Seems odd.

It’ll seem real odd if 20+ allegations are proven false and that’s what stands in the way of Deshaun Watson being the old Deshaun Watson again.

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