That’s One Way To Get In Her Pants!

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Everywhere you look and listen, there are warnings about “self quarantining” and “social distancing.” Many celebs in Bachelor Nation are taking it seriously! You have my girl, Mykenna, posting about how foolish she was last weekend because she attended a Rugby match.

Mykenna in all of her glory telling people to chill with the TP!

Then there’s Nick Vial who told us all to just stay the f@ck home amidst the COVID-29 outbreak. Former Bachelor Ben Higgins is telling people how cool waving has become versus handshaking and hugging. Kaitlyn Bristow says she was tested for the virus and is on day four of wearing the same exact outfit because she is self-quarantining with beau Jason Tartick.

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How’s it going for you?

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Okay, Maybe Not Everyone In The Bachelor Nation Is Taking This Seriously…..

Basically, everyone in Bachelor Nation is telling us just to stay home and binge-watch their respective seasons of The Bachelor/ette. Everyone except for….are you ready for it? TYLER CAMERON AND HANNAH BROWN.

Tyler was spotted picking up Hannan from the airport on Sunday near his hometown of Jupiter, Florida. They are doing everything BUT heading the recommendations from our government! They are living it up in Florida hitting up the beach together with friends…..and Tyler got in Hannah’s pants. See for yourself.

Tyler. In Hannah’s pants.

I am pissed they are not taking these warnings seriously, BUT I am losing it because they are together. Tyler went on his little playboy tour once Hannah Brown’s season wrapped, and everyone saw how dumb she was for not picking him. It seems both Hannah and Tyler have come to their senses and are possibly giving their relationship another go. I ain’t mad at that.

But really, they should just stay the hell home, away from large groups of people. It’s not like they haven’t had to isolate themselves before!

Stay safe rose holders, wash those hands!

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