The 10 Stoners In Sports You Want To Remember

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The 10 Biggest Stoners in NFL History...

With the forecast looking foggy for the day, we decided to release the 10 stoners in sports you want to remember. We hope everyone has a tremendous experience today, and make sure you drink plenty of water while quarantined smoking ya face off. For now, we gonna take a stroll down marijuana lane in sports history. Before that though, take a look at the picks Mike Ditka gave up for the chronic king himself.

The 10 Stoners In Sports You For Sure Need To Remember

#10 Michael Phelps

Ole Mike is gonna make this list for a couple of reasons. The first is that he was smoking reefer three months after winning eight gold medals. I guess common thinking would tell you that wasn’t the first time he blazed face. The second reason, he was pictured smoking out of a bong. Real face blazers smoke outta beaker bottom bongs. Mike knew this, we know Mike. Rogan still talks about it today, and it is fucking hilarious.

#9 Rasheed Wallace

“The bigger the paycheck, the bigger the party.” A man of many quotes, Rasheed has always been. Wallace was apart of that infamous JailBlazers team, and without a doubt has rolled up more than our #10 guy on the list. His most known pot party was with former JailBlazer Damon Stoudamire. They were pulled over in an unforgettable yellow Hummer in 2005 going 84 in a 70 on their way home from a 89-85 win over the Seattle SuperSonics. Rasheed and Damon decided to skip that bus ride after, hop in the hummer and blow face.

#8 Tim Lincecum

In 2009, the former Cy Young award winner Timmy Lincecum was caught smoking pot out in Washington State. Jeez, keep in mind this is all before everyone came around to blazing in places like WASHINGTON STATE! Gawd, sounds like a place I would get fucking lifted at for sure. Timmy pushed out 3.3 grams of chronic and a dry pipe during the incident. That, and the way he talks, looks, and vibes will secure him a #8 spot on this list.

“My Friend Put That In There”

#7 Carmello Anthony

I just know this dude blows the fuck down. Carmello has been spotted several times with confirmed weed characters. Melo was caught back in 2004 trying to hop on a plane with some doja, and said the bag was left in his backpack by his podna. That was in Denver, in 2004. How fucking dumb does that sound 16 years later? Almost as dumb as Melo saying his friend left the nugs in his bag. True pot warrior right there.

Former Who Dat…

#6 Kyle Fucking Turley

The former Saints legend is one of my favorite stoners in the world right now. He is so educational about why he is doing what he is doing with marijuana. How to cope with the damaging effects of his football career with the use of chronic ass nugs. Gotta love this type of advocacy by Turley. He remains a legend years after launching that Jets helmet into the Super Dome crowd.

#5 Al Harrington

The former NBA power forward played some ball in the league. Nearly 20 years of professional basketball for Al Harrington playing for several teams as an essential player on many of them. Al looks to make millions now through the pot game, and will tell you all about it. Guys like Matt Barnes, and Stephen Jackson are on board too. Both are HUGE face blazers. Blaze up boys, these fucking guys…

Wild Card, But Good One…

#4 Rob Van Dam

Thats right, ROB VAN DAM. I’ve been following RVD on twitter for the last few years and he does something quite unique on that platform. Every day at 4:20 he tweets out that it is 4:20. Not just once, but twice. He is one of the most athletic wrestlers in the history of the sports, and held one bad ass nickname in the “vandaminator.” Seriously, Rob was the coolest, smoothest fucking wrestler during his time.

#3 The Diaz Brothers

Nate and Nick Diaz are the most transparent bros in the sports world. They are balls deep in the pot smoking, pain relieving, CBD business and have no problem letting the world know. The UFC has to be the best when it comes to letting guys do weed ventures, smoke, and live their lives while being combat warriors. Now, does that mean go smoke a $2,000 dollar blunt shaped like a UFC Glove? Maybe so…Diaz still beat Connor.

#2 Josh Gordon

The man who would step out of a baptism to catch a quick mary buzz, Josh Gordon is blowing reefer somewhere and somehow today. Suspended five times in his eight year career, Gordon just can’t pass up some high grade hydroponics. The audacity of the NFL to say they will be considering not testing players for Marijuana just a couple months ago. My guy Josh is mentally fucked right now, but happy hopefully. Blaze up buddy, don’t worry about the NFL.

#1 Ricky Williams

The Texas Longhorn legend, and what we thought would be New Orleans Saint savior. Run, Ricky, Run is what they use to say down here in New Orleans. If you didn’t have a gold Ricky Williams who dat jersey, you weren’t getting taken seriously. Ricky infamously skipped the 2004 football season after saying he didn’t wanna play anymore. It later became very well known that Ricky went and found peace that year with marijuana. That would be the beginning of one of the most interesting careers for a football great. The O.G. of the pot movement, Ricky Williams tops the list of the 10 stoners in sports you want to remember. Check out this video, Ricky talks about Ditka extending curfews and shit! HOLD IT.

Blaze Up, And Stay Safe!

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