The Antonio Brown Saga Unfortunately Continues…

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Antonio Brown headed to jail..

The Antonio Brown saga may be coming to a much anticipated conclusion. It has been a year filled with Antonio shenanigans that will never be forgotten. He was once a pretty civil guy, take a look below. We will get to the list of absurdities shortly after this piece of history.

Since Then…

Since then, he’s absolutely lost his fucking mind. Every single day is a new question mark. In fact, it is getting extremely difficult to make sense of anything Antonio Brown does these days. We can call it a full blown, fucking disaster of a talent. From the greatest receiver in the league, to the most absurd human on the planet earth. Take a glimpse at this AB timeline.



  • Antonio gets a live stream “boomin” in the Steelers locker room, while Mike Tomlin is shouting out explicit language. NFL reviews it days later. Antonio Fined $10,000 dollars.



  • Antonio starts beefing with Roethlisberger on Twitter.


  • AB gets stopped by Pittsburgh Police for going over 100 mph hours before a Thursday night game.


  • Brown sits out the last game of the year, leaves before halftime.



  • Antonio bickers with Big Ben again…they blow shit up.


  • AB doesn’t show up to court for the speeding situation.


  • Jon Gruden makes a terrible decision, trades for AB. Antonio becomes highest paid receiver in the NFL.


  • Antonio Brown goes at Mike Mayock, the Raiders GM.
  • Raiders cut him shortly after.
  • Patriots sign Antonio just a few days later.
  • Antonio gets a civil lawsuit filed against him.
  • AB gets accused for raping his former trainer.
  • Patriots release Antonio…
  • Brown starts boomin on social media about everyone he hates.


  • Brown works out for the Saints, brings a crew of friends with him to document the entire workout.
  • Saints decline on signing AB.
  • Antonio throws shade on Sean Payton.



  • The police get called regarding Antonio.
  • AB streams the interaction with police, shouting profanity at the officers.
  • Drew Rosenhaus washes his hands with the former star receiver. Asked him to seek counsel.
  • Police get called again to the AB residence over an assault accusation.
  • Brown surrenders to police on January 23rd, 2020.

So What Next?

Basically, Antonio has reached the end of the road. Surely, after the latest assault, burglary, and other charges. The guy has really started to worry people who actually give a shit about humans, and their mental health. We can’t rule out him playing football ever again, but from the looks of his mind boggling actions, he will never step foot on the field again. It has been a hell of a run Antonio, but why would it get to this? That is something no soul will ever understand.

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